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"Johnny Football" is being trademarked

Hi-res-153041932_crop_exactTexas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is only a redshirt freshman but both he and his family are smart enough to know the business of amateur college football is a one-way scam.

Manziel, to forever be known in Texas as Johnny Football, is now going to be a trademarked property. 

According to this report by, the Manziel family and A&M are working together to trademark the nickname after an organization tried to do it last week.

Clearly A&M is going to begin profiting from the immense popularity of Manziel by selling his No. 2 Aggie jerseys across the state. According to NCAA laws, however, this cashing in process can't go to Manziel for a while. By trademarking "Johnny Football" now both the family and A&M can stop it from being used for profit.

This means we can expect Texas A&M Johnny Football jerseys and hats and cups after he's done playing there. Because that's cool.

Do not expect any "Johnny Football" t-shirts or hats any time soon ... at least not legally.


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