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Johnny Football wanted to be a Horned Frog

Hi-res-152012768_crop_exactIt was only a matter of time, and it was not like TCU was the only school to say no, but Johnny Football could have been a Horned Frog. He really wanted to be a Horned Frog.

"TCU was a school I visited multiple times," Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel said during a conference call on Monday afternoon. It was the first time Manziel was allowed to talk to reporters this season. "I was intrigued by them, like every other school."

Manziel said he attended camps at TCU the summer before his senior season. He said he tried to get an offer but nothing ever came.

That would mean TCU offered Trevone Boykin a scholarship rather than Manziel. As much as Boykin has progressed this season, he is not Johnny Football.

20121027_mjm_ar9_373_28017117_430288For years TCU was the school that took those who were blown off by Texas or Texas A&M and developed them into high college or even pro-caliber players. Remember, no one wanted LaDainian Tomlinson.

This may be the first time a player the Frogs passed on has morphed into something like this - a national phenom.

Manziel is likely going to finish either first or second in the Heisman trophy voting.

In fairness, just about every other major FBS level college football program took a pass on Johnny Football, too.

Good for former A&M coach Mike Sherman for offering Manziel the scholarship. Good for current coach Kevin Sumlin for making him the starter.
Good for Manziel for becoming Johnny Football. 



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is this a joke

JFF did not say he wanted to be a horned frog. He said he liked TCU, along with other Texas schools. Completely misleading title. The media is so disingenuous.


A bit misleading. Of course he wanted on offer. Every recruit that attends a camp is wanting an offer. They want to play. Doesn't mean he would've accepted an offer once he got one from A&M.


He NEVER said he wanted to be a Horned Frog! Journalistic integrity certainly is not high on your list.

Scott Elder

You really twisted his comments to fit into your already written blog there Mac. He said he didn't get an offer from TCU, but he never said that is where he wanted to go.

Maybe TCU didn't offer because he had offers from Oregon and A&M?

Terrible journalism.

The Big Mac Blog

Manziel said he wanted TCU to offer him a scholarship and it didn't. Hence, that would mean he wanted to attend TCU thus becoming a Horned Frog. Disingenuous indeed my good sir!

Spin Journalism

Is this an Onion article? Johnny did not say that in the interview. Not even close. You twisted his words so that you could immediately put out this garbage.
Go back to writing high school blogs. What an insult to journalism.


Really? Change the title. That is so misleading, but what I have come to expect from you Engel.



He never said that. Nice shot at grabbing the headlines ... I guess.


Glad you had your article written before you went fishing for a quote only to publish your prior written article with a misleading title. Is this what journalism has become?


Wow, the methods print media will use to bring viewers to a web page to sell advertising space and justify its costs to those advertisers is at an all time low.


lol. now we know why they didn't let him talk to the media until now. nice comprehension.


Are you serious?
The interview isn't even over and you got what you needed... some twisting of his words to make purple baylor (tcu) feel bad about not offering. I doubt he would have even went there with an offer from Oregon and Texas A&M.


What a fraud. Ignore this clown - just trying to get hits for poor journalism.


This is a completely misleading title. Journalism at its absolute worst.


As a Longhorn fan I have to read ridiculous claims by Chip Brown all the time. BUT this is a complete mainuplation of what Manziel said.

Also, it is amazing you were able to write this whole story merely 4 minutes after you asked Manziel the question.

sad this is what journalism has come to


JM definitely never said he wanted to go to TCU, only that he wanted an offer. Are you kidding me.


Outright lie.

Ketch's Buffet Plate

This article is a stretch and I know something about stretches

Ketch Gobbles Dong

Mac Engel is a schlong


This is a pathetic excuse for journalism. I had no idea the FWST was a tabloid.

You're a troll

You're a hack. Terrible journalism.

It's amazing you got paid to write this. Your employer really knows talent when they see it.

Scott Elder

Mac, these kids want offers from everyone, it is a kind of medal of honor for them (I have ____ offers). They can only accept one.

Your deductive reasoning is a joke.


Here's some attention and a page view for your ridiculous article. Congratulations.

Boyd Fistmas

A white, freshman, redneck QB in the SEC? This is going to be awesome.

Take Scotty Brewer over Manziel for Heisman, without a doubt.

Big Mac is a Moron

Seriously, how do you sleep at night? Were you fired from the Enquirer?

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