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Local fighter Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks ready to tear up UFC 154

UFC-154-16x91Set your DVR's kids - on Saturday night in Montreal, it's UFC 154: St. Pierre v. Condit. My dream of this setting up an Anderson Silva v. Georges St. Pierre at Cowboys Stadium appears to be on hold for a while, but this could be a decent fight.

I'll be checking this fight out on the big screen - click here for information on watching the UFC 154 at Rave movie theaters.

The main event is obviously Carlos Condit agreeing to get his fanny kicked by Georges St. Pierre, but the undercard is extensive and features a local guy.

Rsz-hendricksMartin Kampmann will fight Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks, who makes his home in Mansfield, Texas.

Hendricks is 13-1-0. A college wrestler at Oklahoma State, Hendricks (29) was introduced to MMA only in the last few years and has steadily risen up in the UFC.

He took a break from his training in Las Vegas for a brief chat.

The Big Mac Blog: Given your record are you aware of the need for a perfection because a title shot looks so attainable?
Johny Hendricks: That is every fight for me. Doesn't matter where you are at. When I started this I thought, 'I have to win every fight'.  

The Big Mac Blog: Do you go back on any of your fights and think, 'I got away with this or that' and still won or is it - I won, that's it?
Johny Hendricks: I think on all of them I won I did just enough to win. That's not good enough. I am my own worst critic. If I win I’m automatically thinking, 'Where can I re-watch it?' and we’re dissecting it within two days. When I did lose it was because I had been complacent and happy where I was. Now after every fight I go back and try to find the negatives.

Hi-res-5942886_crop_exactThe Big Mac Blog: Do you enjoy winning more is your drive about the fear of feeling awful because of a loss?
Johny Hendricks: I do love winning. I'm not going to lie. I hate losing more than anything but I love the thrill of winning more than anything. My fear is that I am going to go out there and not do the best I can. I don't want that fear to control me.

The Big Mac Blog: How did you wind up in UFC?
Johny Hendricks: I wrestled for three years at Oklahoma State. I was a national champion my junior year. My senior year I was asked if I would like to fight, and I thought I would try it. I did three 'Tap Out' shows. I wanted to do 10 fights before I did UFC, but I did only five. That's how I got into it.

The Big Mac Blog: What is harder or UFC?
Johny Hendricks: This is a lot easier than wrestling. Those five years I was in college I was training every day and you have to compete almost every weekend. Now I get to train every three or four months and then I fight. 

The Big Mac Blog: Hard questions - where is your favorite place to eat when you are home?
Johny Hendricks: Texas de Brazil. I love steaks and that place has the best steaks.

The Big Mac Blog: OK - what's with the name. Why do you spell your first name with only one 'n'?
Johny Hendricks: 
My real name is John. I just added the 'y'. I didn't want to make my name harder, or longer. It's easier. It's good I didn't add another 'n'.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you people screw it up?
Johny Hendricks: 
Oh man, a lot of people.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you still have that giant beard?
Johny Hendricks: 
Oh yeah, I'm rockin' it right now. I started it three years ago. I was training for a fight and as soon as I found out I was fighting I said I would not shave for eight weeks and right before the bout I would shave it. I ended up keeping it. 

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