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New book "Olympic Affair" is a worthy holiday gift

Olympic-AffairTerry Frei is sports columnist for the Denver Post who is a big hockey enthusiast, historian, has authored several books, and more importantly, has good hair.

If you get a chance, "Third Down and  a War To Go" as well as "Horns, Hogs, & Nixon Coming - Texas vs. Arkansas in Dixie's Last Stand" are very well researched and enjoyable reads.

Click here for Terry's website.

Showing his vast versatility, he also does fiction.

His latest book, "Olympic Affair: A novel of Hitler's Siren and America's Hero" combines some of my favorite subjects - Nazi Germany and sports." Click here for the Amazon link to this book.

This is a fascinating piece of historical fiction based on a true story - the love affair between American decathlete Glenn Morris and famous German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl. 
The two met during the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Riefenstahl, who was not a Nazi but a favorite of Hitler's, would go on to make some very controversial pro-Nazi films, most notably "Triumph of the Will."
Morris went on to play in the NFL and Hollywood. Later in their lives they both admitted to the relationship, and sadness they did not continue it.

If Terry is nice enough, and doesn't big-time me, we'll see if we can do a little Q&A on this fascinating book.

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