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New Red Dawn looks just stupid enough to be awesome

On November 21, the North Korean army will invade a small town in the Pacific Northwest only to be met with serious resistance not from the U.S. Army but a high school football team.

The remake of Red Dawn, which releases on Nov. 21, looks awful, which means I have to see it.


It is going to be very hard for the remake to capture the actual fear that the original 1984 Red Dawn included.

Red Dawn scared the hell out of me because, at the time, the Cold War was a very real thing and a Soviet invasion felt possible. Thank God Patrick Swayze was on our side.




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This does look stupid enough to be awesome. I would feel safer if Patrick Swayze was here to protect the US from invasion but if not Patrick then a high school football team is the next best thing.

Rhyan Wood

Well yeah because everyone is afraid of a starving nation with a GNP smaller than that of North Dakota. Not to mention no ability to move an army across the Pacific and no modern technology (every single one of their rockets crashes and burns). I can't wait for Red Dawn 2 when Lesotho or Bhutan invades!

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