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People - Gary Patterson would leave TCU for one job

11712863This didn't take long, but something very reliable called "" is saying that TCU head coach Gary Patterson is the leading candidate to become the next head coach at Arkansas. 

Even though TCU is in a BCS conference, has players, and spends money like water, according to out-of-state reports Patterson is always at the top of coaching lists up to and including the L.A. Lakers.

Throw Tennessee in the mix, too. The Volunteers are expected to fire coach Derek Dooley after his team committed the unpardonable sin of losing against Missouri at home on Saturday.

Arkansas is going to be looking for a replacement after Bobby Petrino fill-in John L. Smith has demonstrated to be unable to win the way the Hogs expect.

Kentucky is already looking for a new coach to replace the recently fired Joker Phillips.

Do not rule out Auburn canning Gene Chizik, who is learning that the money spent on Cam Newton was the best investment ever made in the history of that institution.

Last week, Patterson told myself and a handful of reporters he had not heard a peep from Arkansas, and that his focus was on defeating Kansas State.

Patterson interviewed with Arkansas years ago.

I can't see GP leaving TCU any time soon, and probably never, for a variety of reasons.

11719356He has a tremendous amount of power and respect both at his school and in his community. He can win at TCU. He and his wife are building a 835,000 square foot house (numbers approximate) that is very close to the office. He can, and may already be, to TCU what Bill Snyder is to Kansas State.

That said, I do believe there is one job Gary would want - The University of Texas. Maybe not right now, but if the circumstances change in a few years this is the only potential opening I could see GP pursuing. As much as GP has done to raise the entire profile of TCU, Texas is still the flagship school of a giant state that loves football.

A lot of variables would have to change, primarily being the people at UT grew tired enough of Mack Brown to make him a permanent Longhorn Network analyst. That and GP actually wants to leave TCU.

Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Auburn can all call and I don't see GP saying 'yes' to an interview other than to leverage for a few more dollars for himself, or his assistants. 

Should Texas call? That's when TCU should worry.

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Frog From Houston

Stick to reviewing movies and cheerleaders. I enjoyed your 007 review this week. Also, could you find out if the "New" Sugar Bowl is going to have a New Year's Day parade to top the Rose Parade, maybe not in comparison length, but high in bling factor? Wendall B. never reported that on that on the Big XII website video. Thanks.


835,000 sq ft??? So he is building a 40 story office tower?

The Big Mac Blog

The square footage thing was merely a joke. It's "just" a 9,000 sq foot house.

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