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Sad news - No live Tweeting from Michael Vick's brother during Eagles/Cowboys game

Usp-nfl_-philadelphia-eagles-at-new-orleans-saints-4_3_r560With the Eagles and the Cowboys both at 3-5 and each team prospectively looking at massive changes in the offseason a wonderful reason to watch the Cowboys at Eagles game on Sunday has been taken away.

Michael Vick's bonehead brother, former Va Tech QB Marcus Vick, won't be live Tweeting during the game the way he did the Eagles at Saints game on Monday night. Following Marcus Vick's Tweets was more interesting than the game itself.

During the game, Marcus Vick Tweeted: "Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please ....."

And there were these, too:

"Only reason I said trade was bc I hear all that Nick Foles talk. Honestly who is he? What was his college record at Arizona?"

"I don't want to see brother with brain problems by the time he 45. Everybody have a job to do so do it. They all professionals."

6a00d834576e5369e200e5507deeef8834-800wi"Who want to take shots to the head over and over when all the other qbs don't. Look at Eli Manning he only been knockdown a few times."

"This is not even an NFL type of O-line. What happen to the Hogs the Eagles had last year and the year before? Call Winston Justice back in Jamal J"

"I never seen a Qb get hit every time he drop back. Lol crazy!!!"

Apparently, the dream of more Marcus Vick commentary is dead after Mike Vick sat down and had what he called a 'heart to heart' with his little brother.

On Wednesday, Vick told reporters in Philly: "You'll never see that again. Trust me."

This is how it probably went down:

Mike Vick: Marcus?
Marcus Vick: Yeah, Mike? 
Mike Vick: Shutup. Forever.
Marcus Vick: OK, Mike ... here's your dry cleaning and I detailed your car.

Marcus issued what read like a very sincere apology on Twitter after he talked to his brother: "I love my brother and it's hard as hell to watch him taking those shots, but I'm sorry if I offended anyone and definitely didn't mean to put Mike in a tough spot. I'm not watching as a fan, I'm watching as his blood."

The sad part is that much of what Marcus Tweeted, especially about the Eagles' offensive line, is quite accurate.

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The Eagles erractic play is about the only thing the Cowboys have to look forward to this season.

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