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TCU fans - couch burning in West Virginia is not some myth

Burningcouch1 Part of TCU's first season in the Big 12 is learning the particulars of its new member schools, from the many empty seats in Lawrence, Kansas, hitting Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater and getting the hell out of Norman as fast as possible.

This also includes the sacred and time-honored tradition of setting a couch on fire in Morgantown, West Virginia. This is a joke.

The Frogs play in Morgantown on Saturday where the weather forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 44 degrees.

Some call that "football weather".
In West Virginia, it's also called "couch burning weather". 

Earlier this season, WVU put out this PSA urging fans NOT to burn couches:


A nice effort, but it didn't really take. 

Simpsons-23541517431After West Virginia defeated Texas in Austin last month the cops had to be called in an effort to stop rioting.

As someone who spent more time in West Virginia than I can count (it is an asbolutely gorgeous state), and has ample family from there (which allows me the latitude to bag on my own), I can say with some certainty there is no way this tradition ends.


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