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TCU's win in Austin is fun but it is not bigger than this ...

FMyY4.St.58Back from a week off ...

Even if TCU defeats No. 11 Oklahoma on Saturday in Fort Worth on Saturday it will not trump the Frogs' most recent win in Austin against Texas on Thanksgiving.
Even if TCU defeats TBD Team in the SomethingWhateverCorporateSellout.Com Bowl in December it will not trump the Frogs' most recent win in Austin against Texas on Thanksgiving.

That 20-13 win against UT will be the biggest highlight of TCU's first season in the Big 12.

But stop any chatter about that win being the biggest in the Gary Patterson era. Texas may have been ranked No. 18, but that is an average team. These are not your Vince Young or Colt McCoy Horns. The Frogs may have been the underdog entering that game, but it should not be a huge surprise they won.

The Frogs are better than the Horns, and they probably will be for the next few seasons.

Nothing should diminish the significance of a TCU team going to Austin and winning for the first time there since 1967. From a regional rival perspective, it is big. It is fun. It gives TCU its 7th win of the season, improves bowl positioning, etc.

Tank-Carder-Rose-Bowl-SackBut this is not bigger than TCU defeating Wisconsin in the 2011 Rose Bowl. Until TCU wins the national title, nothing will be bigger than that win.

Other than the national title game, the Rose Bowl is the biggest college game of the season. Countless moons, planets, stars and other variables had to break just right for TCU to even be in that game. That Wisconsin team had been rolling teams by absurd margins, and was stacked.

If TCU goes to the Rose Bowl and is blown out - like Hawaii against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl a few years previously - perhaps this conference promotion never occurs. TCU earned that win, and in doing so opened countless doors for the football team, and the entire university.

Without that win against Wisconsin, TCU may never have had the chance to again play Texas as a conference rival on Thanksigiving.


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So if TCU beats OU this Saturday, the Texas win on Thanksgiving would still be bigger? Why? Because it's Texas and TCU is a Texas school? I'm sorry, but only 1 program has dominated the Big 12 since it became a conference, and it isn't Texas. It's the program TCU will face this Saturday.


Matt - Yes, beating Texas would still be bigger than beating Oklahoma. The two schools come from the Southwest Conference and have a rivalry history. Though Oklahoma has been a good team in the Big 12, they are generally seen as less relevant than Texas.

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