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The Cowboys discover a new way to lose - the defense

110512_falcons_CC11_2It was only a matter of time in a season that is quickly going down the toilet that the Dallas Cowboys defense would poop their pants. That was the case against the Atlanta Falcons as the Cowboys lost 19-13 in Atlanta.

The regular season is half over and the Cowboys are 3-5.

The second half of the Cowboys schedule is so bad you can't necessarily write this team off, but ... to count on them to be able to do anything over a sustained period of time is difficult. 

1. The defense.
The Falcons ran for 100 yards in the second half, and scored 13 points in the fourth quarter.
The Falcons gained 453 yards, and receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White each had more than 100 yards receiving. Running back Michael Turner ran for 102 yards, nearly all after halftime.
The Falcons were 7-for-14 on 3rd downs, and the Cowboys generated no turnovers.
Every time they needed a stop they didn't, and this unit has not made many plays this season.

2. Orlando Scandrick.
After the Cowboys cut the deficit to 16-13 with 5:21 remaining, the defense had the Falcons facing a 3rd & 6 from its own 24. Running back Jacquizz Rodgers took a short pass, broken an arm tackle by Scandrick, and ran 31 yards for a first down.
A few minutes later, the Falcons faced a 3rd & 8 from the Cowboys 43. Scandrick was called for holding to give Atlanta an automatic first down on a play that had been an incompletion.

Romo_garrett_cowboys_03. Jason Garrett.
A .500 coach (16-16) in two full years as the head coach.
Prediction is he will not be calling plays next season, and Sean Payton isn't leaving New Orleans.

4. Jerry Jones.
Tells NBC's Bob Costas he would fire himself as GM, if he weren't the team president and owner. I would eat all of my vegetables, but I don't.

5. Tony Romo. 
Nothing on the stat sheet said he did a thing wrong. He was 25-of-35 for 321 yards with 1 TD, no picks. one sack. 
The team was 0-for-2 in the redzone in the first half and had to settle for field goals when touchdowns were the only way.
He was a victim of some crucial drops by Kevin Ogletree and Miles Austin, but when it comes down it he was not as good as Atlanta's Matt Ryan.

6. Dez Bryant.
One catch.
Fifteen yards.
No punt returns.
What a waste.

Hi-res-92336148_crop_exact7. Jason Witten.
He is now the all-time franchise leader in receptions, and a likely Hall of Famer. The Cowboys are going to waste this brilliant career on a bunch of 8-8-type seasons. 

8. Bruce Carter.
The only noteworthy player on the entire defense. The inside linebacker made some big plays and continues to show that, if he stays healthy, the Cowboys have a serious player inside.

9. Cowboys running game.
Is dead without DeMarco Murray, who remains out with a bad foot.
The running game against Atlanta was better than it was last week against the Giants, but ...
Felix Jones and Lance Dunbar ran it 17 times for 65 yards. That's it.
This thing is all on Romo. 

10. Finding Usp-nfl_-carolina-panthers-at-washington-redskins-4_3_r560 six wins.
The Cowboys are on pace for an impressive 6-10 record, but that's not going to happen. The remaining schedule is bad - one opponent has a winning record - so nine wins is still a possibility. Below is the Cowboys' remaining schedule:
at Philly (3-4)
v. Browns (2-7)
v. Washington (3-6)
v. Philly (3-4)
at Cincy (3-5)
v. Pittsburgh (5-3)
v. New Orleans (2-5)
at Washington (3-6)

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World Wide

I'll give you credit for sticking with them. They should get to .500 this season but what a waste is right. There is talent and effort out there. We need some real help though and in some different spots. I vote for a real GM but one could argue we need help other places too. No way this is a 10 win season but I can't see us making the playoffs even if we do get to .500.

Tom in Arlington

Tuff loss. A 10 win season seems long gone. I can see us eeking out 9 wins but it will be difficult. I almost hope we only win 6 games the rest of the way. A 6 win season might mean JJ has to do something to fix this team; like hire a real GM. We were great when other people made football decisions other than Jerry. He is a great owner. He spends money, has built an exciting franchise but we a real GM. We have a real owner. Why not complete the picture with a real GM.


Tom,I totally disagree with your statement that Jerry has "built an exciting franchise." I've been around since game one of the Dallas Cowboys. Tom, Tex, and Clint built a successful, winning, exciting, relevant, feared franchise. Jerry has destroyed the Dallas Cowboys, and soon I will be dead and everyone who knows anything about the true glory days will be also. The day will come when anyone who knows the Cowboys were once a feared franchise will have to have read about it in the history books. A former lifetime, diehard fan, I have watched one Cowboy game this year. I can't take seeing Jerry's face and hearing his voice any more after what he has done to ruin our once proud Cowboys franchise.

Anna P.

We have been so close this season. But maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. We have some talent out there. I don't think Jason Garett is the worst thing ever. I don't understand why we aren't winning more. Something has to change. I'm going to be sick if we keep losing. We have so much. So many people are invested in this team. I hope we can get it fixed soon and if not I hope Jerry will either gut the team or fire himself as GM. The fans who love and support this team deserve better.

Liz B.

What is there to say. I think it was our worst loss yet. Unfotunately, I think we have worse losses to suffer thru yet.


Totally disagree that JJ is a great owner cause a truly good owner would have fired that worthless GM many years ago! I'm also sick & tired of hearing JJ bring up the Super Bowl victories from the 90's cause those of us that were around back then know he had little to nothing to do with them!

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