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The Heisman at Texas A&M? Dial up Johnny Hypocrisy

NS_13AGGIESlatech15_27807522_378957Gotta love Texas A&M this season for representing the great state of Texas so well. Same for A&M freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel. Now the Aggies are unleashing a big-time campaign for Johnny Football as a Heisman trophy candidate; click here for the official website. Scroll down for the official video.

Here is the great part: A Heisman campaign relies heavily, if not almost exclusively, on media attention to promote the player. The catch? Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has not allowed his meal ticket to talk to the media this season.

Texas A&M is lobbying the media to hype its chosen one for the Heisman, but won't allow a reporter to talk to him to tell his story? That sounds right.

I emailed Texas A&M media relations director Alan Cannon if there are plans to amend this policy regarding Manziel. Cannon's response was that Sumlin said Manziel would be available "Soon". Don't blame Alan. Alan is good people. Not saying Sumlin isn't. Just saying the policy is stupid.

If you can train a quarterback to defeat Alabama how hard is it to train the same kid to say, "I owe it all to my teammates, my offensive line, these Nike cleats, my receivers, and the sorority girls lined up outside of my apartment door"?

Sumlin has a rule, as do a lot of coaches, that freshmen aren't allowed to talk to the media. It's usually some BS about earning the right, blah blah blah. That same freshman can suit up in front of 90,000 and get his brains kicked in every Saturday, but talk to some dork holding a microphone? Let's just slow down.

Manziel-cutoutWhile they're at it - A&M also has no problem using this kid to sell Texas A&M No. 2 jerseys far and wide, and is aiding the Manziel family in trademarking the "Johnny Football" nickname.

If A&M wants the increased media exposure to help promote this kid, which he has earned, for the Heisman it has to deal with the headaches and hassles of the many media requests that will come. 

Fans don't care about the media. They just want to see their team win, for the media not to criticize their winning team. I do.

The Aggies and Johnny Football are a great story, maybe the best in college football this season. He deserves to be invited to New York City for the Heisman ceremony. But if A&M wants to promote their guy to the adoring media, be fair and let the kid talk.



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Rick Mage

Quit your belly aching! No way IN HELL do I feel sorry for you media people. I also don't feel sorry for any nosy fan who wants to know every damn thing about their favorite player. And if it ain't broke, let's not fix it! Personally, I could care less about Johnny's personal life or anything else that doesn't have anything to do with football. I just care about his stats and wins. I'm pretty sure its the same for all "real" grown ups. As for the children who are fans? Well, they can wait, it won't kill them to wait. As for the Heisman campaign? If those idiots need a bunch of campaign adds to help them decide who they'll pick, then this whole Heisman campaign is nothing but a complete joke, then. If those idiot are too blind to see what Johnny has been doing, then they need a new job. Besides, you idiots will get a shot at him when the next season starts. I think you and the rest of the fans will survive. ;) If it was up to me (NFL or college), I would prevent ALL of my players from talking to the media! You guys serve no purpose in the sports world. All you guys are going at doing is splitting up the locker room! Besides, this isn't a popularity contest. And a player, who won't talk to the media, would not come close to having his career destroyed as long as he is an awesome player....You guys flatter yourselves too much, if you think otherwise....


Mac, you seem a little offended by the Texas A&M effort to promote Johnny HeISmanzeil's campaign on their agenda and not yours. You sports media guys and gals do serve a purpose but, just what exactly are the questions you would ask Johnny Manzeil? What secrets do you think you would find by asking questions? What is the big deal about talking to Johnny Football?
Don't be so sensitive when somebody doesn't invite you to their party.

The Big Mac Blog

Deno - Not offended at all. I mean, it is sports. This is not the war in the Middle East. Just a thing about fairness. Don't ask us to help you to promote your guy and then dictate the terms of the promotion.
You want us to help you? You help us out by letting the guy chat. What I have found is that people will read and watch it when he does talk.
I like A&M and the people there are great. I just don't agree with this decision.
And at this point in my life I would prefer not being invited to any party - it means I don't have to dress up.

Matt DiPasquale

Genius. Only adding to the PR machine and legend in the making. Thanks for the added exposure Mac.


Its sad that media like you don't promote what should be promoted. Many others are fully capable to write without canned answers that you already said you expected. Why not take the challenge that others have and write about the story and his abilities.
He's a freshman first year starter. Early in the season, he needed to focus on the gameplan. He'll be available for the media soon. But it seems like you should just stay home and practice writing without complaining that people aren't doing your work 4 u.


Breaking news, a media person offended that they dont get their hoo.

Maybe you are not as special as you mama told you that you were.

Get over it.


You want fairness, Mac? Well you and everyone else couldn't care less about Johnny if he wasn't doing so well. What would be even more unfair would be for Sumlin to make an exception for him over other freshmen who have been just as important. I'm glad that he's sticking to his guns and not giving out special treatment. Quit your childish ranting and enjoy the game.


Hypocrisy would be if they let Johnny talk to the media against the coaches rules for ALL freshmen.

Hypocrisy is taking insulting arguments from Mack Brown & Austin radio and writing it as your own (BS about selling t-shirts as though no one else makes money off pop player's #; and BS about TM "Johnny Football" - so you want media to cash in on Johnny's nick name - THAT is hypocrisy)

PR should be "HEY, take a look at our guy - his videos, his stats, etc. Heisman is not about "talking the talk" - it's about "walking the walk" - or even "playing the game".


Wow...get over yourself Mac. Not letting freshmen speak to the media is genius, and, in my opinion, they shouldn't let any student athletes speak to you period. You're talking about kids straight out of high school that don't understand the consequences of their words yet. Just listening to NFL players speak (that are supposed to be grown men) is tough enough sometimes. Do you really have to put a young man on the mic that doesn't quite understand the levity of his words on a national stage yet? Let it go.

Brad Mitchell

Engel calls himself a writer? The article should read State Of Texas, not "State a Texas." Good grief, are there no editors down there at the Star-Telegram or have they all been laid off?

Brad Mitchell

Texas is a State of Mind or Texas is a State a Mind???? Engel's wife must have obtained his job for him or vice versa. I personally am more offended by Nepotism than what is going on at A & M. The bottom line is College Football would be attended even without sports writers. Not sure if sports writers could get by without sports.... But hey folks it is all about the newspapers advertising dollars, that is what is driving the bus. The more controversial a writer is the more readers, the more readers, the more advertisers. It won't be long before, the Star-Telegram goes belly up.... So don't worry about Engel.



I disagree with the entire premise of your article. I think Coach Sumlin and Texas A&M have the right to do things as they think best. If reporters don't like it, they can stop covering Manziel. I think they will have some very unhappy readers if they do however. But, this isn't about the reporters. This story is about Johnny Manziel and about Texas A&M, not you guys.

At any rate, I have a question for you. Did you title this article? If you did, your entire article makes no sense. Why are you renaming Johnny Manziel "Johnny Hypocrisy?" You don't claim any wrongdoing by Johnny. It seems extremely unfair at best to give him that moniker. At worst, it's unethical, since you clearly don't think Johnny Manziel has done anything hypocritical. If you wrote the title, you're not reasoning properly. If someone else at the Star Telegram wrote it, perhaps they should read an article before they write the title. Seems like of basic to me.

I'd really like to know. Did you write the title or did someone else at the Star Telegram?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Sorry, meant to say that it "seems kind of basic of me."

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