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The one thing Cowboys Stadium is not

NewinteriorIRVING, Texas - Forgive the Cleveland Browns head coach if he is wrong, because he is.

"All road stadiums are loud," Browns coach Pat Shurmur said today on a conference call with FW/d area reporters.

All road stadiums should be loud. Cavernous Cowboys Stadium is not.

Shurmur's team has never played at Cowboys Stadium, but on Sunday they will feel the joy of playing in the NFL's Mall of America - $15 cheeseburgers, Cowboyritas. And, to get a jump on the holiday shopping - a Victoria's Secret collection (that will never grow old).

Cowboys Stadium is so much to so many, all but to the actual football team itself. The venue is a wonderful draw, a cash cow, and the giant TV set should keep the stadium feeling "new" for several years. Sound, however, is an issue. Noise there gets so lost it almost feels as if the game is in an airplane hangar.

Since re-locating to Arlington's Cowboys Stadium, the team is 14-13 in the regular season at home. Here is a year by year record of the Cowboys in their new home:

2009: 6-2 (won home playoff game vs. Eagles)
2010: 2-6
2011: 5-3
2012: 1-2 

Beginning Sunday, the Cowboys will play their next three games at home. Other than piping in crowd noise (see Houston Astros playoff games), there is not much the team can do to create a noisy stadium. Winning might help.

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Every time the opposing offense faces a third down, the operators should put a picture of jerry jones up on the massive screen. That seems to elicit more crowd reaction than anything the team does.

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