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The pain of TCU basketball continues

AMKdB.St.58FORT WORTH, Texas – TCU’s first season under Trent Johnson and in the Big 12 was never going to be much in the way of wins but rather landing recruits.

TCU did that on Wednesday, but any chance of gathering a few unexpected wins took a massive shot when junior forward Amric Fields blew out his knee in the early moment’s of TCU’s loss against SMU on Thursday night.

At first it was scary to watch Fields go down. Then it was depressing to watch him helped off the court by his teammates.

This was TCU’s best player, and easily its top scorer. The Frogs roster really had two Big 12 caliber players – Fields, and guard Kyan Anderson.
Now Fields is probably out for the season. The good news, if there is any in a situation like this, is that TCU can redshirt him. That would mean he would have two years of eligibility remaining when Johnson’s first recruiting class arrives.

In the meantime, it does look like Johnson has his team playing hard. They do defend. They just can't score.

They kept after SMU throughout but were never able to take the lead, and eventually lost 64-61. The Frogs had a chance to tie the game at the end but Anderson's 3-point attempt was blocked.

TCU probably defeats SMU had Fields played. Senior Garlon Greene looks like he has developed into a nice college player.

The roster was not built for the Big 12. It was built for the Mountain West, and even then it was going to be thin after guard Hank Thorns was finished.

IMG_1493The men’s basketball program needs at least three years under Johnson to determine anything. The interest level in this program is so low - Daniel-Meyer Coliseum was maybe half-full for the SMU game - he is going to have time. This photo was taken a few seconds before tip-off before the SMU/TCU game. Johnson probably needs to have a winning record in his third season.

No one thought TCU was going to win this season. Without Fields any expectations of stealing a few wins in the Big 12 should be even less.

The team plays hard and the first recruiting class under Johnson is promising. Maybe TCU can add a decent Division I transfer in the spring. Center Karviar Shepherd from Dallas is arguably the best recruit this progam has landed since Damion Walker in the '90s. 

Even with the losses that are coming, the program is off to a good start. The real evaluation begins next year.

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Brad Ford

That was rough seeing Fields go down. Hopefully, the SMU-TCU basketball rivalry can grow into full houses at DMC and Moody.

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