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This must be the start of a Dallas Cowboys 5-game winning streak

Tony+Romo+Dallas+Cowboys+v+Philadelphia+Eagles+VPUpnkqaPAjlThis is what 8-8 teams do; your Dallas Cowboys professional football team is now very close to being a .500 team again after a 38-23 win in Philadelphia on Sunday.

The Cowboys have proven they are not one of the really bad teams of the NFL, and not one of the really good teams of the NFL.

1. The Cowboys are 2-0 on the road in the NFC East. 

2. Bottom line: Cowboys have to be 8-5 after play ends on Dec. 9. It's possible. 
11/18 v. Cleveland (2-7) 
11/22 v. Washington (3-6)
12/2 vs. Philly (3-6)
12/9 at Cincy (4-5)

3. This would set up another December collapse.
Even though winning that Bengals game is not a slam dunk, the Cowboys could be 8-5 with three games remaining. And they could easily lose all three.
12/16 v. Pittsburgh (5-3)
12/23 vs. New Orleans (4-5)
12/30 at Washington (3-6)

4. Hold off on the Sean Payton stuff. The NFL is allowing the two sides to talk contract while he is suspended. New Orleans is not going to let him go.

5. The Cowboys rushed for 101 yards on 25 carries against the Eagles. Felix Jones ran like a rookie with 71 yards on 16 carries. DeMarco Murray (foot) should be returning for Sunday's game against the Browns.

6. No one is bagging on Tony Romo. He completed 19 of 26 passing for 209 yards and two touchdowns and no picks. Facing a 3rd and 5 from the Dallas 39, Romo scrambled around forever before he completed a 25 yard pass to Miles Austin; the drive ended with a touchdown.

111112-eagles-cowboys-4007. Dez Bryant. The above drive ended on Romo's 30-yard pass to Bryant that he made a sensational catch on in the end zone. Dez finished with 3 receptions for 87 yards and a TD. The Cowboys got Good Dez on Sunday.

8. Jason Witten. It's clear this is the only receiver Romo really trusts. Romo targeted Witten 10 times and completed 8 passes to his BFF. No one receiver saw more than five passes thrown his way.

9. Morris Claiborne is going to be a bad ass, but he is a rookie. I lost count how many times he was penalized.

10. Of Andy Reid. He took over as Eagles head coach in 1999 and in that time Philly became a contender for a decade. They went to the playoffs nine times under Reid, a load of NFC title games, and one Super Bowl. They never did win the whole thing, but Reid had the Eagles "around it" for nearly the duration.
He is going to be fired, but he had a very good run in Philly.


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Reggie from Arlington

Cowboys beat a damaged team. Don't get me wrong. I will take the win, thank you. We need to win these next four games BADLY!!!!!!


We could turn things around. Don't be too certain we won't. I don't see us turning things around instantly but if the Giants continue to suck we could wind up winning the division. Crazier things have happend.


I'm celebrating. A win is a win is a win.


I agree with Tammy. Nobody celebrates a win the way we should. All we do is complain when we don't win. We'll I'm celebrating. We beat a team loaded with talent that is struggeling right now. I don't want to make it bigger than it is but I'll take a win when we can get one. We had a good Sunday. Let's keep this thing rolling along and maybe we win a few more. Be opportunitisic. If the Giants faulter, who knows.

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