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Tommy Tuberville's "explanation" of Slap Down is highly entertaining

20062914_BG1All Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville had to say was, "We were losing to Kansas. In the third quarter. At home" and that would have explained why he popped one of his assistant coaches on Saturday in Lubbock.

Now Tommy Tuberville is like former Red Raiders basketball coach Bobby Knight.

Instead, Tuberville offered up some lame, "I reached to grab him and pull him off" away from the playing field pile of BS.

In the third quarter of Texas Tech's double-OT "win" against Kansas, Tuberville appeared to slap the headset off of graduate assistant coach Kevin Oliver. Facing a 4th and short from midfield, Tech was called for an illegal formation. On the next play, it was penalized 5 yards for a delay of game.

At this point, Tuberville popped and video shows him slapping the headset off Oliver.

After the game, Tuberville "explained" it. He said: "He was on the field, and I reached to grab him and pull him off. When I pulled, I missed his shirt and grabbed his (headset) and his microphone ripped off his head. I was trying to get him off the field."

Watch the video and you can clearly see this was not the case.
The case was Tommy Tuberville was irate that this game was remotely close.





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Damian Thompson

Leave the man alone, he is under pressure and Auburn refused his comeback offer......chill dudes

Rhonda & Kris from Fort Worth

Tubberville is the worst. The sooner he gets fired the better. Leach could at least win some games. Tubberville needs to be shot out of a cannon.

George Jefferson

This guys is a product of a corrupt and ignorant group of individuals running the show at Tech, Kent Hance in particular. They deserve everything they get.

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