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What the stupid??!! Plenty of good seats available for Texas Tech vs. Texas

Texas-tech1Remember the day when playing Texas meant something, and the Longhorns were not the University of Kansas at Austin?

Even in this wonderful season that is Texas Tech football, Red Raider nation doesn't even give a poop about the potential of kicking Bevo when he is really down. 

'Tis a sad day when at 9 p.m. on Thursday evening - two days before No. 20 Texas Tech hosts No. 22 Texas in a game of amateur football in Lubbock - the Red Raiders can't even sellout this game.

On the Texas Tech website, I applied to buy a pair of $95 "best available" tickets for the game. Nooooo problem. Level T, section 121, row 51, seats 20 and 21.

Then I put in to buy six tickets - together. Noooo problem. Level T, section 121, row 51, seats 35 - 40.

This likely means the Univesity of Texas did not buy the amount of tickets alloted to the school, or the good people in Lubbock simply do not care about the prospect of beating up Mack Brown and that vaunted Manny Diaz defense.

BTW: Vegas has the Red Raiders as 7-point favorites.


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No. 22 Texas Tech hosts No. 22 Texas?


56-53....I know it still stings.

Ed R Murrow, Jr.

On the FWST website, I clicked to see a "real story" about the game. Nooooo problem. Story was either made up or misleading.

This likely means the FWST did not actually show journalistic integrity, or the good people at the FWST simply do not care about the prospect of promoting a hack journalist like this (un)vaunted Mac blogger.

Note to self - making up a story sure is easy. Tomorrow, apply for job at FWST.

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