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Where is the love for the Houston Texans?

93186082.jpg.12142_display_imageFrom the Things My Little Brain Can't Comprehend File: Why is ESPN, CBS, Fox and other other outlet that covers the National Football League not completely in love with the Houston Texans?

The Texans are 10-1, but when it comes to the AFC favorite talk seems to focus on Patriots, Ravens or Broncos.

What the crazy stupid?

Only Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram has been pumping the Texans as the AFC's best team. Maybe even the best team in the National Football League.

Am I wrong on that the Texans seem to be ignored? 

"No, you're not wrong," said Texans veteran defensive back Glover Quin today when we talked on the phone today. "I don't hear a lot of it either. As Texans, we don't care about that stuff. You have to work hard in this league to earn respect. They aren't going to give you that until you win in the playoffs. We got to the playoffs for the first time last year, we won a game and then we lost. They are going to give it to the people who have won in the playoffs. They give it to the Ravens and the Steelers. Denver hasn't won but Peyton Manning has. So they get the credit as the contender. We like to slide under the radar and do our jobs and win games."

The best regular season record does not guarantee post season success, but it would be hard to think the Texans aren't going to reach the AFC title game.

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