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Where Jerry Jones the GM ranks with other NFL GMs (you'll be stunned)

8e783b08bb4945bd52a9f5348760a77fJerry Jones has said he will not fire himeslf as general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, and the numbers say he shouldn't.

For this column I wrote about Jerry's decision to remain as GM, I researched every NFL team's current GM and his success. What I found was that Jerry could easily point to his resume, and does, to say - here, I did it.

This record may be BS and more Jimmy built but, on paper, it's here.

With the exception of the Bengals, who have no clearly defined GM yet are run by a collection of executives with team owner Mike Brown as the final authority, Jerry has been in his role as GM a decade longer than the next closest.

Below is a list of every NFL team, and its current GM or "final authority" on building the team and his record:

AFC East
New England Patriots: Nick Caserio (@) 2008 – 53-19, 3 playoffs, 1 Super Bowl appearance
Miami Dolphins: Jeff Ireland 2008 – 35-37, 1 playoff appearance
New York Jets: Mike Tannenbaum 2006 – 54-50, 2 playoff appearances
Buffalo Bills: Buddy Nix 2010 – 13-27

AFC Central
Baltimore Ravens: Ozzie Newsome 2002 – 100-68, 6 playoff appearances
Pittsburgh Steelers: Kevin Colbert GM 2011 – 17-7, 1 playoff appearance
Cincinnati Bengals: Mike Brown ($) 1991 - 127-216, 3 playoff appearances
Cleveland Browns: Tom Heckert GM (#) 2010 – 11-30

AFC South
Houston Texans: Rick Smith 2006 - 54-50, 1 playoff appearance
Indianapolis Colts: Ryan Grigson, 2012 – 5-3
Tennessee Titans: Ruston Webster 2012 – 3-6
Jacksonville Jaguars: Gene Smith 2009 – 21-35

AFC West
Denver Broncos: John Elway 2011 – 13-11, 1 playoff appearance
San Diego Chargers: A.J. Smith 2003 – 92-60, 5 playoff appearances
Oakland Raiders: Reggie McKenzie 2012 – 3-5
Kansas City Chiefs: Scott Piolo 2009 – 22-34, 1 playoff appearance

NFC East
New York Giants: Jerry Reese 2007 – 55-34, 3 playoff appearances, 2 Super Bowl titles
Philadelphia Eagles: Howie Roseman  (@) 2010 – 21-19, 1 playoff appearance
Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones 1989 – pres. 201-175, 12 playoff appearances, 3 Super Bowl titles
Washington Redskins: Bruce Allen (@) 2010 – 14-27

NFC Central
Chicago Bears Phil Emery 2012 – 7-1
Green Bay Packers: Ted Thompson 2005 – 73-48, 4 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl title
Minnesota Vikings: Rick Spielman 2012 – 5-4
Detroit Lions: Martin Mayhew 2009 – 22-34, 1 playoff appearance

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: Thomas Dimitroff 2008 – 51-21, 3 playoff appearances
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mark Dominik 2009 – 21-35
New Orleans Saints: Mickey Loomis 2002 – 93-75, 4 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl title
Carolina Panthers: Brandon Beane (&) 2012 – 1-1

NFC West
San Francisco 49ers: Trent Baalke 2011 – 19-5, 1 playoff appearance
Seattle Seahawks: John Schneider 2010 – 19-22, 1 playoff appearance
Arizona Cardinals: Rod Graves 2007 – 44-45, 2 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl appearance
St. Louis Rams: Les Snead 2012 – 3-5

& Named interim GM after team fired Marty Hurney after team’s 1-5 start this season
# Team president is Mike Holmgren, who also has influence over personnel decisions
(@) Respective head coaches of these franchises also have major influence in personnel
($) Bengals have no “GM” per se; Mike Brown is the final say

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Thanks, but no thanks Jerry

Good article. I don't think you are stats tell the whole story but I think this piece does somewhat accurately reflect some positive results Jerry been apart of.

I think a piece that should be considered are 'fan expectations'. The Cowboys, not Jerry Jones, have set a high bar to try and attain. Jerry has had success, by comparison to others around the league. But the Cowboys are an iconic team and the standard of success should be measured against that and not just how other teams/GMs have fared.

Jerry sells the team as an iconic team but is not living up to the standard that is comensurate with his price.

Bottom line. Jerry is a good owner and has has some good years as a GM. However, we demand more. Time for Jerry to hand over the reigns to a new/better/real GM.

Tim from Brownwood Texas

Good article. I disagree with your conclusion but I think you do make some valid points. JJ isn't an aweful GM. He just isn't getting it done right now and he is charging "winning season" pricess. As a long time Cowboy fan I want and expect more. The stadium is great. The team has some real talent. But as Coach Parcells says "You are what your record says you are". Given our expectations and our record, something needs to change. I hope JJ can do what he has done in the past; however infrequently.... push aside his ego and hire a real GM for a period of time. Let a new GM right the ship and let's improve our play by a few games and take a run at this thing again.

Wanted; GM for hire

People can say whatever they want about Jerry Jones. He probably deserves it. But the worst GM in the modern football era is Matt Millen formerly of the Detroit Lions. He was aweful. He couldn't pick a decent squad to save his life. Jerry is on a really cold streak. Matt Millen wasted a truck load of first round picks on guys that were never heard from again in the Pros.

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