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YES! Bond is back in Skyfall & he's drinking Heineken

SkyfallSeriously thought about joining the nerds at 12:07 a.m. on Friday morning to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Then I realize the movie will be out for a while ...

Click here for the movie's website.

Daniel Craig is back with his humorless killing ways only this time he's not getting over lost love. This time he's a Heineken drinking 007 ... because someone had to pay the bills to produce this movie (true story).

Bond's mission? The same as every other Bond - to bag foreign women, wear nice clothes, and stop some menacing bad guy from defeating Mother Nature.

This seriously looks like this may be the greatest Bond movie in the franchise. Craig has surpassed all of the rest of the Bonds because he's not some screw off, and physically looks like he could beat you to a bloody pulp (here ends my British language lesson).

Berenice-marlohe-nueva-chica-bondCheck out this cast of British actors ... who because of their accent are superior to us nasily toned dirty Americans.

Daniel Craig
Judi Dench
Javier Bardem ... whom I hope is carrying a giant air gun to blow away innocent bystanders.
Ralph Fiennes
Albert Finney
Where the hell is Anthony Hopkins?

The more important catch? Someone named Berenice Marlohe, who not only looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks but we will likely all forget by Christmas time that she was yet another namless Bond girl much like the great Tonya Roberts.



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Tonya Roberts

Your article is a complete insult.


Three words...'Best. Bond. Ever.'

Philly Phanatic

I smell Pullitzer! Keep on blogging on the Big Issues, big guy!

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