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Christmas beer showdown: Shiner v. Abita

Shiner Holiday Cheer(Don't do this enough) In this festive season the time has come to decide which regional brewery is better for the holidays: Abita, out of Louisiana, or the famous Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner, Texas.

In case you are unaware, both Abita and Shiner have jumped in the seasonal brew business and offer their own recipe that is designed for the season that is usually cold. Not, you know, sunny and 75 degrees.

Which XMas brew is better?

Taste: A stout tasting ale and fairly bitter. Not very sweet at all. Has a piney smell. This has the feeling it would be best consumed next to a roaring fire while wearing a sweater.

Taste: Very sweet, fruity, but not as sweet as Shiner's summer brew ... which sucks. This is not your traditional beer taste. Tastes like a peach was sliced up and dropped into the beer.

Christmas_groupWINNER: Has to be Abita's Christmas Ale, primarily because it tastes like an actual beer. I like them both, but they go in completely different directions.



free agent

Shiner Bock - A beer for all seasons!

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