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Dallas Cowboys: 8-8 ... here we come!

1eosju.St.58Playing a New Orleans Saints football team that can score football points on the football field in most any football stadium, the overmatched Dallas Cowboys defense was exposed for what it is - game, and not good enough.

Despite the Saints' 34-31 OT win against Los Cowboys de Arlington in an ArenaFootball game, the New York Football Giants did their NFC East brother a favor by laying down in Baltimore.

For the second time in as many years the Cowboys will play a division opponent on the road with the chance to win the division, or finish .500. (NOTE - I am writing this watching the Ravens blowout the Giants)

1. The middle of the defense stinks - No Jay Ratliff, Josh Brent, Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, Barry Church has left the interior of the Cowboys' defense simply not good enough. 
The Saints routinely exploited matchups in the middle of the field; Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham, Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas combined for 25 receptions and more than 200 yards, primarily in the middle of the field.

2. The Cowboys defense had their shot in overtime when Morris Claiborne punched the ball out of Saints' WR Marques Colston hands for a fumble at the Cowboys' 15. But the Saints' Jimmy Graham recovered the ball by being a bit bigger, and faster, than Sterling Moore. The play was reviewed and it was the right call.
Colston caught the ball. Claiborne popped it out. Graham recovered it.

I5wME.St.583. Dez Bryant is a man, man baby - 9 receptions for 224 yards and two touchdowns. Remember when he was going to be placed on season-ending IR with a broken finger? 

4. Stat of the game: Saints 11-of-19 on 3rd downs. The Cowboys 2-of-10 on 3rd downs.
4.5 2nd stat of the game: Cowboys time of possession - 22:28 

5. DeMarco Murray. Entering the game against Pittsburgh last week Murray had never fumbled in his career. He has two in the last two weeks. His third-quarter fumble at the Cowboys' 3 all but gave the Saints a TD to give them a 24-17 lead.
He carried the ball 11 times on Sunday. They were the only rushing attempt for the Cowboys all game. 

6. The Cowboys don't quit. Against the Bengals the Cowboys entered the fourth quarter down nine and rallied to win. Against the Steelers, the Cowboys trailed by 7 in the fourth quarter and rallied to win in OT. Against the Saints, the Cowboys trailed by 14 with less than five minutes remaining but rallied to force OT.

7. Miles Austin has replaced Dez as this team's most frustrating WR. He had four receptions for 45 yards and a TD. He had three drops in one series in the fourth quarter. The only way he gets out of the dog house is by catching the 20-yard TD pass with 20 seconds remaining to 

1bYCS2.St.588. Jason Witten is a bad, bad man. He started this season by recovering from a busted spleen and having to answer questions whether he was finished and will end it as the most productive pass catching year ever by an NFL tight end. His 103 receptions this season broke the mark previously held by Tony Gonzalez.

9. Tony Romo can't do much more than he was asked. He was 26-of-43 for 416 yards with four TDs and no picks.

10. Cowboys at Redskins at the Dan Snyder Little Man Sports Complex for the right to prove 9-7 can win a division.



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If ever there was a defining moment in Romo's career, other than flubbing the hold in Seattle, this is it. He wants the big money. He wants to be the man. Well then, beat a rookie quarterback. Beat a tuff team in a hostile envirment. You want to be a Star Quarterback in The League then step up and play like one.

(I'll be shocked if Romo "The Super Star shows up. I'm betting we see the same guy we saw in Seattle flub the hold)

Its the money baby

Romo doesn't care about this team at all. Ask him why he is playing better; it's a new contract baby. The guy wants the girl, the celebrity, and a big bag of cash. I wish he would leave, get traded, or just retire. Romo is the worst. No spirit. No team pride.

Loreana in Arlington





Pete Johnson

It's going to be a great game, that much is for sure. I don't see how RG is going to top the Cowboys. I think the only way the Cowboys lose this game is if they make lots of mistakes. We have talent. We have experience. We have play makers. We have hall of famers. All we need now is a win.

Kelly R.

You are right about one thing. This team does not quit. I can't remeber a year gone by when so many people were down on this team. I'm surprised they stuck with it. I thought they would give up seeing how so many people have been down on them. I'm happy for the city and this team. Lots of character. Next weekend is the big weekend. We will see what they can get done. Its time to find out what these guys are really made of. I wouldn't be against them. They are a good team and they have fought a lot of adversity this season. Good luck Cowboys

Erik R.

What this T-E-A-M has accomplished is incredible. Adversity has been there middle name. Yes, they have some star power on their team but at the end of the day this game is played in the trenches and nobody does it better than Big D.

Our Cowboys will beat the Redskins. RIGHT IT DOWN AND TAKE IT TO THE BANK!!!!!!! WE ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!


Great game! Almost a Christmas miracle, but not quite yet.... a playoff win would be a Christmas mircle. Let's hope these cardiac kids can get it done this next weekend! They are a great group of guy, a very special and gifted team. Let's root them all the way! They deserve it and the city of Dallas deserves it! Let's bring home!

what time is it..... COWBOY TIME


Did anybody really think Drew Brees was going to let T. Romo beat him? No. No. No. No. No.

Well, the Saints game is over and it's time to get your pop corn and get ready for RGIII. This kid can play but he is no Drew Brees (yet)

It's finaly here folks. So let's get ready. Strap on your chin strap. Turn on the tube, plasma, or HD whatever and let's play some football!

John Rungrunsen from West Texas

I've been a Cowboys fan for a loooong time...back when they went to the playoffs even... But I don't see how they will get past RG3 and the Redskins. Love to see this team develop some character but I don't see it. I hope I am wrong. I'm not much of a 'rah-rah' guy but if that's what pushes us over the top I'm all for it.

Nancy & Jim in Dallas

I was over this team months ago. No way they play Washington and win. There is more hope of the NHL restarting tomorrow than the Cowboys going to the playoffs. Get over it.

Claire Long

You have to be smoking something funny or still believe in Santa if you think our Cowboys are going to win next Sunday's game. Shanahan and Company have been there and done that. Love to see us get the 'V' but don't hold your breath.

Bob In Arlington

The CowSheep are 0-4 when Romo throws for 400 yards or more. Romo's all about the stats, that's why he checks off at the line so much. Get one more pitch and catch with Witten.

The Redskins are more motivated than the CowSheep to win and head to the playoffs. CowSheep fandom better hope that RGIII doesn't get hurt as his backup is a better pure passer and the CowSheep big payday Corners were MIA against the Saints and the middle is miserable.

Sorry, but Skins Win...

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