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Dallas Cowboys score huge road win at Cowboys Stadium

Z5YZa.St.58Words that seemed unprintable the day after Thanksgiving: The Dallas Cowboys professional football team is going to be 8-6 and has a clear path to win the NFC East.

All it takes is winning at home against the New Orleans Saints, and the season finale against the Redskins in Maryland.

Three-fourths of the Opening Game roster is on IR, the secondary is now comprised of That Guy, Spare, Him and Who? which made the "home" win against the Steelers so impressive.

Tony Romo had the best passing day for a Steelers' opponent in two years, and the Cowboys won 27-24 in overtime.

1. The Dallas Cowboys are 3-0 in December. The Cowboys have now won five of six, and in that stretch are a pair of wins against the garbage Eagles. But credit where credit is due; the Cowboys are undefeated at the time of the year that has been their nemesis for more than a decade - Christmas time.

13Jcvl.St.582. Anthony Spencer. Kinda wonder where this has been, but in his contract season Spencer has been the necessary partner to DeMarcus Ware's opposite side. Spencer had 1.5 sackes, a tackle for a loss, and three hits on Ben Roethlisberger. Spencer is going to the Pro Bowl, and then he's going to get paid. Will he have this type of season again? He will if the Cowboys just keep giving him one year contracts.

2.5 The defense that was missing Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, Josh Brent, Morris Claiborne, Jay Ratliff, Barry Church forced two turnovers, sacked Ben Roethlisberger four times and came up with the game-changing INT in overtime. 

2.7 Josh Brent was on the sidelines. Umm ... not a good idea.

3. DeMarco Murray's butt. Dude, cover it. Boxers, maybe? Hell, even a thong. Murray carried the ball 14 times for 81 yards and a touchdown. His butt, however, really made more of an impression than his good game. Although impressed that DM does not have a tramp stamp. 

4. Brandon Carr > Terence Newman. In the past two weeks Carr has a pair of interceptions that set up big scores; one in the first half last week at Cincy, and now on Sunday in OT with a brilliant stab and return to set up the game winner.
Carr may not be Champ Bailey, but he has been an upgrade over T-New.

5. Cowboys o-line. It has been bashed all season long, but against a good and physical defense front the Cowboys offensive line may have played its best game of the season. The running game averaged 4.1 yards per rush, Romo was sacked one time. He had time to throw, and he averaged an impressive 8.1 yards per pass attempt.

DJWOq.St.586. Dez Bryant's busted left finger. It obviously played a role, but despite the pain Dez caught four passes for 59 yards and a TD. No one ever said the guy doesn't care.

7. Penalties. Had to do a double-take on this - The Cowboys were penalized eight times for 61 yards. The Steelers had no penalties. None. Of course, they were playing at home so they got the calls. 

8. Jason Garrett. The team has been wrecked by injuries, has often shot itself in the foot, but they simply do not quit under Coach Process. In this league when Crap plays Garbage, not quitting can be enough to win football games on the football field.

9. Miles Austin. With Dez's nursing an ouchy, Romo made Austin his favorite target. He targeted Austin 10 times, and Austin came up with seven receptions for 79 yards - both team highs. 

9.5 Dwayne Harris. No one is making any complaints this guy is the punt returner now, and he has completely made Kevin Ogletree a forgotten entity. Harris had four catches for 59 yards, and a long punt return at the end of regulation that looked like it would set up a game-winning field goal try.

10. Jerry Jones. You do realize the Cowboys are very close to giving Jerry the necessary ammunition to say, "Told you I knew what I was doing."

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Reggie in Arlington

I TOLD YOU FOOLS! MY BOYS ARE FOR REAL!!! I'm still up celebrating with my crew! I TOLD YOU WE WERE IN THIS THINGS! My squad has the skillz and the dollar billz to GET IT DONE! Dont' tell me to shut up because we got heart and we are so amped up I can't hardly believe it. What does this team need to do to make all you Dallas Haters out there believe. All season long you guys have been talking this and talking that but we got it done on the field; not on the chat rooms, this blog or that blog...we got it done on the NFL playing field. How silly do you feel nOw! POW! WOW! We can't be stopped now. WE ARE HEADED TO THE PROMISE LAND -- PLAYOFFS BABEEEE! I don't want to jink my guys but how can you not be excited about this team, this moment in Cowboys history. We are gell'n at the right time and we are get'n there when everybody said we couldn't. I'm sorry but NOBODY, not even my posse thought we could do it but i've been talking this smack ALL SEASON long. I've been silent on this blog most of the season because I wanted the score board and hard work on the field to do the talking but I can't contain it no more. WE ARE THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy in Dallas

Reggie is right! Our Boys are back! We fans never had a doubt! (tee-hee)

Cowboy Mania

Be a believer this Holiday Season! RISE UP COWBOY NATION! RISE UP!


I still don't see them going to the playoffs; call it the Cowboys Playoff Jinks, but yesterday's game was totally fun and made it fun to be a fan again. Our Cowboys give us entirely too much drama but it is good clean fun! Go Cowboys!

Do you believe in miracles?

We are so in the hunt. You people are blind or stupid if you can't do the math. This could be the year the Cowboys run the table. Let's show a little team spirit.


If Jerry Jones get this team to the playoffs it will be despite his best efforts and further proof that this team has talent and is close to going some where if we had a little more help in management.

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