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Desperation - L.A. Lakers interested in this former Maverick

NS_18MAVSSOLOS_22604171A good guess a great many of you are enjoying the struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team, but this is no joke in SoCal.

The Lakers aren't paying Kobe, Dwight, Nash and the rest all of this money to suck. And at 9-13, the Lakers do indeed suck.

The Lakers have no real identity, and need a point guard. They need a point guard so badly the Lakers are thinking about adding former Dallas Maverick Delonte West, according to this report.

West was cut by the team shortly before the season began because of behavior "detrimental" to the team. Basically, he and coach Rick Carlisle got into it and the team thought he wasn't worth it, which he's not.

West is a good guy, and a good player, but he is not good enough to justify a headache.

He hasn't been a headache yet for the Lakers making this a marriage should last for weeks.



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