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For TCU moving forward, it's all about the quarterback

Buffalo+Wild+Wings+Bowl+Football_28915581_367281TCU's first season in the Big 12 finished with a 7-6 record, and the desperate need for improvement at the quarterback position. Never was the more evident than during TCU's 17-16 loss in the Whatever Wings Bowl against Michigan State on Dec. 29.

For the first time since Gary Patterson took over as head coach at TCU he needs much more than a passer who merely drives the bus and stays out of the way. He needs an accurate passer who makes positive plays with his arm.

He has that in Casey Pachall, who if he had remained with the team the Frogs likely finish with nine wins. Who knows what Patterson has in sophomore Trevone Boykin?

In his first year as a starter Boykin showed promise, toughness, good arm strength and athleticism. He also showed his considerable inexperience, which is not his fault, and an inability to consistently make accurate throws.

Patterson does not trust this guy yet to make passes over the middle, or his decision making.

No official word on Pachall's return has been made.

460xBest case scenario is that Pachall returns to the team and "wins" the job in spring practice. For the sake of his pro chances, Pachall has to be assured the job is his. If not, he needs to transfer to a place where he is guaranteed to play. He can't sit.

This scenario would give TCU one full season under Pachall in '13, and potentially two years of Boykin in '14 and '15. It's not fair to Boykin, but neither is life.

The Frogs' demonstrated they have Big 12 caliber players across the board on defense, and at the skill receiver position. Defensive end Devonte Fields has a chance to be the best defensive player this school has produced since Bob Lilly.

Their offensive line, however, was often overmatched - they were manhandled by Michigan State - and for the season the rushing game averaged 3.9 yards per carry. Their quarterback was erratic.

There are countless positives for TCU's first season in the Big 12, but in order for the Frogs to play on a stage bigger than bowl games named after deep fried food the QB has to be better.

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Christy from TCU



Patterson just needs to retool and figure out the QB spot. We are in a good position; lots of choices. We will be a ranked team again next year. Patterson is too good.

Mark Wood @ TCU

Patterson is great but Boykin bailed us out this year. He is a special player and I hate giving up on him. Casey is the more classic NFL passer and probably the better talent but I hate the thought of giving up on Boykin. I wish there was some way we could play them both. It will be interesting to see what happens to Casey.


I know you hate Pachall and everything Fort Worth and TCU but you need to continue to cover this story closely. I think a lot rides on the TCU-QB story. If we are going to keep Patterson we need to attract talent and win games. GP is the real deal. The Pachall story is big but only in as much as it affects what GP does. Lots and lots of schools want him and the Horn Frogs need to keep him. Also, you stink.

Sad Froggy

That bowl game sucked. I would have felt great about our season if we would have won. The magic was gone and we played a so-so team and lost. We were the better team and we lost. Totally humilating. I hope we figure something out for next year. This year was 'okay' but mostly a bust.

Sunny Days

I hate to say it but here goes...

1) Boot Casey. Done. Break it off. He is a good kid but he made some mistakes. Take this kid back and it will set the team back and be a huge risk that might not pay off. Put the kid first. Let him go. He has bigger things to think about; ie his health.

2) Keep Boykin. He has some experience, plays with heart, and should value this opportunity.

3) RECRUIT A NEW QUARTERBACK NOW!!! We need a QB if we are going to be a big time program. Boykin ain't it. Find a new guy, red shirt him, then unlease him in 2014.

It isn't pretty but it's reality. We can be a great program but we might have to take a step backwards to take a big step forward.


What about Tyler Matthews, the quarterback from Kansas we are redshirting. Isn't he supposed to be a stud ??????


The ruse is up now for tcu. 6 loss seasons will be the new norm and patterson's jimmy johnson type head games won't work with his players in the big 12.

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