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How the Cowboys & Steelers whiffed on the '08 draft

G213050_u59990_p1.felix.jonesWhen the Dallas Cowboys host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday to play a football game in the National Football League on the football field, it will be the chance to re-visit the Great Running Back draft of 2008.

There was all kinds of talk Jerry Jones would trade up to land Darren McFadden, which was never really a consideration. McFadden went to the Raiders.

If you recall, the Cowboys were on the clock and had the chance to select either Arkansas' running back Felix Jones, or Illinois RB Rashard Mendenhall. To the great disappointment of many, Jones went with Jones with the 22nd pick rather than Rashard.

Mendenhall went to the Steelers on the very next pick.

Here we are in 2012, and it appears as if neither player will be with their respective teams next season. Felix's career with the Cowboys has dimmed considerably over the past two years, although he did have a bit of a positive bump recently, while Mendenhall has hacked off even his most ardent supporters.


Career: 61 games, 561 att., 2,694 rushing yds., 11 TD; 127 rec., 1,062 yds., 3 TD
2012: 13 games, 103 att., 368 rushing yds., 3 TD; 25 rec., 262 yds., 2 TD 

55 games, 847 att., 3,480 yds., 29 TD; 75 rec., 660 yds., 2 TD 
2012: 4 games, 34 att. 113 yds., 0 TD 

The moral of the story - Unless he is Adrian Peterson or LaDainian Tomlinson, never draft RBs in the first round. They burn out too quickly, and you can find them everywhere.


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