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Is the newest Texas Ranger a real jerk?

Aj-pierzynzkiThe day after Christmas the Texas Rangers formally announced they signed veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski to a one-year deal. Not exactly Zack Greinke, Justin Upton, or keeping Josh Hamilton.

Pierzynski has a good bat, and a perfectly awful reputation in baseball as a guy who simply can't control his mouth. Click on this link to read about A.J. trying to clear the air earlier this summer that he's the devil.

"Of course I'm tired of it. We're supposed to be talking about the Texas Rangers and we're' talking about (his reputation)," he said today on a conference call when I asked him if he was tired of it and how he acquired the rap. "You do get tired of answering questions about something you have no control over. I know I gave everyhting I have. Sometimes it doesn't work and people may get upset."

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington has a little bit of a history with A.J. after he didn't select him to the All-Star game last season despite his good numbers. Pierzynski wasn't happy about it, but he insists it was no big deal.

Play_g_pierzynskiaj_600"When Wash' and I had lunch a few days ago with (GM Jon Daniels) he came up and I made a joke of it. As far I was concerned it was over with when it happened," Pierzynski said. "People try to make a big deal of it. I know he was in a tough spot and it didn't work out for me. I know what he is all about. It's over and done with."

Pierzynski may have a big mouth, but there are two things that suggest he is not a total clubhouse cancer.
No. 1 - He was with the Twins from 1998 to 2003.
No. 2 - He was with the White Sox from 2005 to 2012.

Total and complete clubhouse cancer jerks do not stick with the same team for that long. Now, his one year with the Giants - 2004 when he drove in 77 runs, also suggests there is probabaly a little something to this. 

I was never for the Rangers keeping catcher Mike Napoli simply because he was never again going to approach the type of production he generated in 2011.

Pierzynski? It's a one-year deal so the risk is relatively low. He is coming off a season where he played 135 games and hit .278 with 27 home runs, 18 doubles and drove in 77 runs. That's one of the best years of his career. If he does that with the Rangers, or comes close, this is a great signing. 

"The only thing you need to know about me as a person is I want to win," Pierzynski said. "I'll do everything in my power to win. Whatever was said or written you can't change that. I wish it would go away. I've done everything I can to get it to go away but it doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon."

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John Johnson

The answer to your headline is "yes"

Jason Berry from Little Rock Arkansas

Getting AJ is not a good sign for Wash. The history you have painted is accurate but only the tip of it. If Wash gets in trouble this year, this relationship will not help. I can see Washington being fired before the All Star break if he doesn't have some club house harmony coupled with a solid record.

Sam Turpin @ Monahans Texas

I don't care if he is a jerk or not. This is a 'dare to be great' year for him. If he can come in here and help this ball club I'm all for it. We shall see. I'm in favor of this signing.

Rangers Fan

I agree. If the guy can hit, catch, throw and add to the win column I'll put up with another jerk. (see josh hamilton)

I'd love for us to get back to the World Series. Wash deserves it.

free agent

He won't quit on ya, like somebdy afore mentioned.

Andrew from Matamoros Texas-Mexico

The World Series is a pipe dream. I love baseball and watched it all growing up. I'm at a point in my life where I enjoy watching the game, love to see us win, but if we don't it doesn't really matter. To keep my interests up, we need to remain competitive. All that said, I would rather see us pursue 'character guys' than the best of the best. Baseball is still America's past time but we need good guys out there. I don't know much about this guy but if he isn't a good guy then I hope we either work to improve his attitude or get rid of him. Life is too short to mess around with bad apples.

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