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724925Watching the carnage between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night was arguably the most painful reminder of just how far Los Mavs have fallen since winning the NBA title two years ago. 

The Miami Heat layup drill was impressive, and then it just grew tiresome and sad. The Heat's 110-95 win was not that close.

The saddest part is the Mavs were trying and hustling and it simply didn't matter because the talent differential is just too great to overcome.

The return of Dirk Nowitzki, who should be back before year's end, will help and may make the Mavs a contender for the eighth seed, but not much more. 

The team can't rebound well enough. Darren Collison is an NBA guard, but he is not a pure point guard. O.J. Mayo is a good scorer, but he may be a case of a good scorer for an average team. Not sure if a team can win with O.J. Mayo as its best scorer.

The good news, we are told, is the team has all kinds of financial flexibility to pursue top line free agents who will use the Mavs as leverage and then sign with another club.


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Juan R. in Dallas

I've been a Mavs fan for years. I've seen a good many teams come together and play hard. Winning is what it's all about but you have to enjoy the effort, team work, and struggeling it takes to win. This team is barely an 8 seed but the guys seem to be playing hard for coach Rick. I hope they work really hard to get to a 7 seed. That would be something. They have some talent. The bigger question is what to bring in to grown the team and compliment Dirk. I don't see anybody available really compliment Dirk. He is a great player. We need a fast, young, scroing point guard. My first choice is Kyrie Irving. He would be fantasic with Dirk. I hope Cuban has the guts to get something done for this team before it gets too late for Dirk, Rick, and company. We shall see. Until then, let's enjoy this team and push them to become the best 7 seed team we can be.


I laugh when I read these blogs outlining mavs trade scenarios. Cousins, Evans, Irving and the list goes on. Let's be clear, the mavs have no pieces, other than dirk, where another team would return quality players. Right now it's junk for junk. The mavs are stuck in a downward spiral as dirk winds down his career.

Arnie from West Texas

Don't lose faith Mavs fans. We have a good ower, a few good players, and one Hall of Famer. There is still some life in this team. We need to develop somebody, buy somebody, and we will be in the hunt again.

free agent

Loved the "tongue in cheek" humorous ending! Ain't it the truth!

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