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No Dez? Oh no

DezIn the winning locker room on Sunday in Cincinnati, Dez Bryant's left index finger was clearly wrapped in medical tape but he insisted he was fine. He said he was fine.

No reason not to believe him. After he took himself out of the Cowboys' 20-19 win in Cincinnati on Sunday he returned a few plays later to catch a touchdown pass.

Now, after the adrenaline stopped flowing, it appears this injury is indeed a big deal and could be a major blow to Team Cowboys.

The Google thingy is blowing up that Dez will have surgery to repair the finger and that he will be put on season ending IR. It does not sound as if a decision has been made yet. It will come down to whether Dez can keep playing and not damage the finger any more. That would mean delaying surgery. If the hand specialist says the surgery can wait, bet big Dez plays.

The man cares as much as any player, and wants it as bad as any guy I have ever seen.

This may be like when Terrell Owens had finger surgery late in the 2006 season when he played through it.

If Dez is out, the Cowboys are in major dog doo. He may not always run the cleanest routes, but he is not afraid and is biggest deep threat on the roster. Dez has also improved dramatically as of late.

In the last five games, Dez has 33 receptions for 525 yards with seven TDs.

And, yes, you will miss him if he's gone. There is no other receiver on this roster who can do what he does.

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Ned from Dallas

We can complain about Dez all we want but now that he might be hurt, you watch, Cowboy Nation will rise up and pray for his return. He has got the skills to pay the bills and we need him. Let's hope he can go on Sunday.

Praying for Playoffs

I agree. Dez albeit an over paid under achiever; he is still the best body and hands at WR we have. Let's hope he isn't seriously messed up. We need him as healthy as we can or at least expect from an active player this far into the season.

Alicia from Kansas

I agree with Ned from Dallas. Dez is a head case and we Dallas fans complain up a storm about the guy every time he does something 'not so great' but we do need him. He is kinda like your health. You only miss it when you don't have it.

R. Trisha

heal up soon Dez! we need you!

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