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Note to RGIII - Quit running

Redskins_Robert_Griffin_III_takes_a_hit__AP-001_s640x427The Washington Redskins did the Dallas Cowboys a solid by defeating the New York Giants on Monday night to make the NFC East a race:

1. NY Giants 7-5
2. Redskins 6-6
3. Cowboys 6-6 

From a record standpoint, this is the least-good division in the NFL.

As much fun as it is to watch Washington's Robert Griffin III run around - he ran 5 times for 72 yards against the Giants - he has to start sliding, running out of bounds and not getting hit. RGIII throws a wonderful deep ball, but watching him against the Giants he is getting hit too much.

2012-09-20_New_York_Giants-4_3_r560The zone-read is becoming more popular in the NFL and QB's are running a bit more. RGIII leads all NFL passers in rushing attempts and rushing yards. The next closest is Carolina's Cam Newton, who has run 95 times for 524 yards. This is not some stale black-white QB argument. Andrew Luck has run 44 times for 216 yards.

It doesn't matter. RGIII is a sturdy 6-foot-2, 217 pounds and is as tough as any QB, but it doesn't matter. The best QBs are the ones who aren't hit, and know how to avoid being hit. 

It's an acquired skill and one that RGIII needs to quickly learn. The Redskins and owner Dan Snyder sank so much into trading up to draft RGIII it would be a shame if he misses games because of an injury sustained during a run.

He is such a good guy and potentially so good for the NFL the more he is on the field the better it is for everyone involved.

RGIII has rushed 105 times this season for 714 yards with six touchdowns and an absurd 6.8 yards per carry average. Those numbers make it is soooooo enticing to let RGIII run because the 1st down stick is right there. Junk the short term gain for the long term goal.


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Cowboy in Arlington

RG III is the best thing the Cowboys have going for them. I am a long time Cowboys fan and hate the Redskins but I'm rooting for them. The are probably our best hope for making the playoffs.

We Miss U RG x 3

Be afraid of The RGIII. He is a man.

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