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Notice Derek Fisher wasn't homesick in OKC

FishermavsYour Dallas Mavericks NBA professional basketball team is 12-15, the fourth-fewest wins in the Western Conference.

Now they don't have a starting point guard who knew how to play the position as veteran Derek Fisher was granted his release because he was home sick. The point guard they do have, Darren Collison, they don't want as their starter.

Fisher has long been known to be very tight with his family, but it's funny how he finds himself longing for his LA home now that he is on a team that appears to be going nowhere. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

When he signed to play with the Oklahoma City Thunder last season for a stretch-drive to the playoffs being homesick never seemed to be an issue. He never complained about missing home as the Thunder went all the way to the NBA Finals.

When Fish' signed with the Mavs he had to know this team was not in the same position as the Thunder, or the Lakers or any other legit contender. That by signing with the Mavs was merely the chance to play a lot, collect a nice check, and very likley lose in a way he was not accustomed.

It's OK if he just said, "Screw this" rather than to say, "I sure miss home".


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O.J. Mayo

can you blame him for leaving?!?!!!!


...Fisher's an OG, he ain't feelin' it, not there to smell the Texas air. FIVE RINGS, son...while Nowitzki's stalker-ex lets it ring five times than hangs up everyday...All that leave The Mavs do well: Jason Kidd in NYC, Steve Nash putting back-to-back MVPs...even somehow Michael Finley did well.

Darren Collison

can I start again?

Luis Fierro

Does anyone else get the feeling the, one championship and done, Mavericks are headed back to the Mavericks of the 90's before they can get back to championship form of recent past? The future at this time does not seem promising with high caliber star players willing to come, stay, and play for the Mavericks.

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