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Restaurant review: Kip'z BBQ shoots and scores

IMG_1709FORT WORTH, Texas - Thanks to Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy for the head's up on the opening of Kip'z BBQ, which just recently opened.

I gave this place a shot and was not disappointed. The ribs have a very distinct home-cooked flavor and the sausage links were just spicy enough. Also offered as entrees include oxtail, sliced and chopped beef sandwiches, beef tips, pork steaks, etc.

The ribs do no taste like a Cousins or a Railhead; they taste as if they were made in your kitchen. Everything on the menu pretty much tastes like it was made in your kitchen.

IMG_1710The star of the menu is the killer banana bread pudding. It's sweet, but not rich, and has a light, fluffy taste that does not weigh you down ... although I am sure it does.

Nothing on this menu is going to break you - think about $10 per head. If that. 

The interior decor of Kipz is basic with a couple of TVs and some signed photos of local celebs, most notably the late former Denver Broncos DB Darrent Williams, who graduated from Wyatt High School.

The service is very kind and helpful. 

If the local food thing is your thing, try Kip'z.

Open for lunch and until 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, noon-6 p.m. Sundays
1509 Evans Ave. (two blocks east of Interstate 35W at East Allen Avenue)


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The banana bread pudding should be illegal. Crazy good. That dish alone makes this place a must.

Bon Appetite!

Ben & Jim in Fort Worth for the day

Good call on this place; read your article, took a buddy there, loved it. Your review was pretty much spot on.


Best food on the planet. If I could eat there morning noon and night I would. Love it.

Purple & Studying Hard

Cool owners. Good good food. It's cheap pretty simple menu but cool place to eat. Go there. Its good

Cal from Fort Worth

It aint a fancy table but the eating is really good. If you like local stuff this place is a must. Great every day good food. Love it.

Thanks for writing about Kip'z. You've made me a fan of your blog for life.

David B.

the pork ribs are huge and awesome. maybe the best pork ribs i've ever eaten. great spot.

Jim Anderson

Mac, Thank you for doing a review on Kip'z. It's a good local place eat and spend some time with family and friends. I'm not ready to give it four stars but the portions are generous, the pricess fair, and some terrific entrees. I will most definatly go back.

Chuck & Jan

The food is insane. Rib tips and greens. They do it to perfection. Even writing about it, I get hungry for it. Welcome back! Love your food! Simple, delicious and totally affordable!

Eat At Kip'z

Bud Kennedy is the man. Long time friend and great restaraunt man.

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