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Roy Jones Jr. talks to the Big Mac Blog about Pacquiao-Marquez IV

120412-roy-jones-310Not sure this is the fight everyone wanted, but ... we take what boxing gives us.

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao will fight Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time; click here for the HBO site. Call me a sucker, but I think I'll be dumb enough to buy and watch. Probably even Tweet; follow me on @MacEngelProf to read me whine and complain about this fight on Saturday night.

(Speaking of ... Interesting link from with a link to an interview with fight promoter Bob Arum who basically accuses Fraud Mayweather of ducking The Pacman.)

One of the great fighters ever, Mr. Roy Jones Jr., was nice enough to chat with me last week about this fight.

The Big Mac Blog: Who do you like in this fight?
Roy Jones Jr.: It all depends on what Marquez shows up. It all depends on what Manny shows up. Both fighters have shown they are capable of showing up. Both want to end this. The last time these two fought I could have sworn it was a draw and they gave it to Pacquiao. Both are going to put a lot out there. 

Pacquiao-vs-Marquez-4-PosterThe Big Mac Blog: What does Marquez have to do to win this fight?
Roy Jones Jr.: Marquez is going to have to take crazy chances to win. Pacquiao is the guy everyone wants to see. Manny has a loss (Timothy Bradley) he shouldn't have lost. Marquez fought (Floyd) Mayweather and didn't fare too well.
Manny has no reason to fight this fight. He has all the pressure to win this fight.
Marquez has no pressure to win this fight. He wants to prove he is the champion and he is going to have to take more chances to win this. 

The Big Mac Blog: Thoughts on us actually seeing Manny fight Mayweather?
Roy Jones Jr.: I don't think we'll see it. The reason I say that is that they keep messing around. Even though Manny beat Bradley, it takes something away from Manny, you feel me?
Anybody Floyd has to fight he doesn't have to train for. We know he's going to win before he walks into the ring. The only guy Floyd would have to train for is Manny.

The Big Mac Blog: You brought it up - is there anybody you talked to who felt Bradley actually won that fight?
Roy Jones Jr.: I have talked to a few guys who say they felt Timothy Bradley deserved that decision. On more than one occasion people have said that to me. I said, 'No. They robbed the man,' and walked away. If you argue with an idiot that makes you an idiot.

The Big Mac Blog: The way you are talking you think Pacquiao wins this fight, yes?
Roy Jones Jr.: He should beat Marquez. I think Marquez has been smart in his fights before with Manny - if hits that one-two counter and gets out of the way. Marquez is not the puncher that Manny is. If he gambles and he catches one of those punches he's going to go down.
He's older and he's had two more of those brutal fights on him. It's tougher for Marquez because he's not the puncher that Manny is. If the puncher hits you, he can knock you out at any time. That's what gives Manny the edge.  


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The Question...for the 4th time

Why are they doing this fight again??? Haven't they already had 3 of these? I really need an answer to this question...or do I need to ask this 4 times before I get a sufficient answer.....i think not..

PPV Junkie

I'm a fight fan. I don't care if it's the 4th time they have met or the 24th time. It's going to be a heck of a bout. Lace 'em up and let's get it on it.

Rock Jock in Fort Worth

I agree with PPV Junkie. I love this stuff. Sign me up. I'm in.

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