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The Cowboys can't have Josh Brent on their sidelines

Hi-res-158440597_crop_exactNot sure if I am Jerry Jones and the mother of the late Jerry Brown pleaded with me to support Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent by putting him on the sidelines I could have said no. That's a very, very difficult proposition, which is why bashing Jerry over the decision to allow Brent to stand on the sidelines during the Cowboys' win against the Steelers makes little sense.

It is also something the Cowboys simply can't do again.

The Cowboys are trying to walk the impossibly finest of fine lines between supporting Brent, while not looking like they condone his behavior. Brent was driving drunk when he flipped his car that left teammate Jerry Brown dead. Brent is out on bond.

The Cowboys have tried to be supportive; Brent has been around the team's practice facility, but having him stand on the sidelines is too much. It is too visible. It's not as if there is some debate or a gray area about Brent's actions.

This morning team VP Stephen Jones said Brent left at halftime when he realized he was becoming a distraction. Jerry Jones has not said whether Brent will be on the sidelines for the regular-season home finale against the Saints.

He shouldn't be. The Cowboys can be - and should be - supportive of Brent, and try to be as understanding to Jerry Brown's mother's wishes, but there is a line.

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Jerry Brown cant be there, why should he?


Just MacEngel opinion. There's others.

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