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The Cowboys will use Moneyball to replace Dez Bryant

Chi-report-cowboys-wr-bryant-may-need-surgery--001Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has not been totally ruled out for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is scheduled to see a hand specialist today to determine if he can go.

You know the guy wants to play because he obviously realizes the gravity of this moment - his team desperately needs him. There is no one else who threatens opposing defenses the way he can.

But if he can't go the Cowboys are not going to immediately sign Chad Johnson or some other aging spare off the street who needs a check. Instead, the Cowboys are going to employ a "Moneyball" approach to replacing his productivity. The idea is that no one WR will be asked to be Dez rather a group of guys will be asked to combined to replace his production. Not easy.

It sounds great in theory, and at this point it's the best option, but unlike those Oakland A's teams that had AL MVP Miguel Tejada (nice omission, Michael Lewis) the idea the Cowboys are going to be able to replace Dez's production with their current cast of secondary receivers is a looooot to ask.

The replacements:
Kevin Ogletree 28 catches, 390 yds., 3 TDs
Dwayne Harris 11 catches, 135 yds., 0 TD
Cole Beasley 11 catches, 113 yds., 0 TD 
Total: 50 catches, 638 yds., 3 TD 

Dez Bryant  75 catches, 1,028 yds., 9 TDs

You do the math. Miles Austin has to start going to the hard places on the field, and winning.

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David P.

You left out Anthony Armstrong. He should be considered one of the Cowboys options for replacing Dez if need be. He can keep defenses honest and stretch the field with his speed and he's a veteran wide receiver that should be able to understand the right routes to run.

D. Justice

I'm all for the Cowboys using 'Moneyball' to replace Dez. But only if that means we are hiring a brillian GM like they did in Moneyball. My thinky they aren't doing that.

max taylor

I'd like to see more of cole beasley!

Dan Kelly from New Orleans

add 'em all up and you still don't have dez. he will be missed

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