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The guy the Mavericks gutted their roster for just got Avery Johnson fired in Brooklyn

Usp-nba_-minnesota-timberwolves-at-brooklyn-nets-3_4_r560Not only did I never, ever think Deron Williams was going to sign with the Dallas Mavericks I never, ever thought he was worth the pursuit in the first place. Chalk this up to one of the few bold sports predictions I nailed this year. 

Not that Williams can't play or isn't a dynamic scorer - the stats say the man can ball. 
My fear about Williams is that in his short career he achieved the impossible when Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan opted to retire than deal with this headache every day. In early Feb. of '11, Sloan quit the Jazz after 23 years.

That is the largest red flag on Williams' resume. Jerry Sloan said "screw it" rather than coach Deron Williams.

This was the player the Dallas Mavericks gutted their title-winning roster to pursue.

A few months after Williams spurned the Mavericks' offer to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, coach Avery Johsnon found himself fired this morning.

According to Yahoo Sports! NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski's Twitter account, @WojYahooNBA, "The Brooklyn Nets have fired coach Avery Johnson, league source tells Yahoo! Sports"

The Nets are 14-14 and in eighth place in the Eastern Conference. This season is not going the way the Nets thought it would after they re-signed Williams, traded for Joe Johnson and moved into a new arena in Brooklyn.

Williams is third on the team in scoring with 17 points per game, and leads the team averaging 8.0 assists per game. A few weeks ago he grumbled about Avery's offense, because it's never the player's fault.

The Mavs will spin this as "We never really wanted" D-Will but don't buy it. They wanted this guy, and - who knows? - maybe it would have worked under Rick Carlisle. But any guy who gets Jerry Sloan to quit was never worth the trouble.


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free agent

You can never depend on Cuban to perform his due deligence with regards to roster moves. He's Hollywood now, don't cha know!


I'll be anxious to see if Deron figures things out. The new contracts are fat for guys like him but they are for much shorter periods of time. He either better start putting up huge numbers or start being nicer. If he wants another fat contract, wich he could get if he lives up to the hype, he better fix things. My bet says he stays stupid and doesn't see big money next contract.

Old Time Basketball

I'm still disappointed we didn't land him as a free agent. Things might have been different playing next to Dirk. We need Deron, or somebody like him. I don't like the idea of losing even if they are a good group of guys. It's a players league and they have 'em and we don't.


I agree that it's a players league but for the money they are paying this guy he ain't putting up huge numbers. So far I'd say the "jerry sloan" test coupled with this guys lackluster numbers makes me think we are lucky we didn't get him. If he cranks up his production and becomes a 20 and 10 guy, and can be the go to guy at the end of the game; then I will feel differently. Until then, i'm glad he ain't in Big D.

Martin Shannon

He isn't worth the headache or what they are paying him in Brooklyn but more and more it seems to be the going rate in the NBA. I won't be surprised to see his numbers come up when he is coached with a guy that knows how to use him. They are paying him way too much money not to use him the way he can be the most effective. He is a talent and a ton of headache.

Mark Pirtle

Most players in the league are a headache. I'm not sure if he is worth the money yet but I'm sure he is a top shelf player. Give me the headache and the wins. I wish he was playing for the Mavs. We would move from being an 8 seed to a 6 seed or 5 seed.

Shirley M.

He is a punk but he can play. If you are going to pay him that kind of money you are going to have to cater to him. It's too bad. Avery deserves better. But give him what he wants and he can be special. Maybe even a 20 and 10 guy even though I don't think he'll ever flat out dominate.

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