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The rub of the new Superman movie

Hollywood is taking another crack at Superman, this time with "Man of Steel" produced by Christopher Nolan.

It is scheduled for a June, 2013 release. I can't imagine this re-boot is going to be a dud, but I am not expecting The Dark Knight. Why? Because Superman is invincible. Where is the fun in that? Who can beat him other than a Kryptonite sales rep? 




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Ummm...Zod? The villain of the movie with the same powers as Superman?


It's a film, not a WWE match

Sonny Crockett

"Because Superman is invincible. Where is the fun in that? Who can beat him other than a Kryptonite sales rep?"

If you think that's the case, then you don't know the character. What pains Superman physically, mentally and emotionally are usually the greatest comic based stories. I'm not going to make it easy for you by giving examples, but if you're truly interested (and a great writer is usually well-informed on their topic), go do some research instead of trying to be "to cool for the room." Always remember as GREAT as Batman is....he's limited to lesser circumstances; but when all hope is lost and the world itself is staring at it's iminent demise.....we look to the skies for Superman.


Actually even in his "heyday" (when Superman was about as invulnerable as he ever became, throughout the 80s) he was vulnerable to a few things, not just Kryptonite. For one, there was magic, which he was powerless against. Certain villians with extraordinary mental capability managed various mind control stunts on him as well. Another big one was that he was, for all intents and purposes, only invulnerable here on good old Earth because of our yellow sun and his super-dense molecular structure (compared to that of humans) which was pretty useless against other extremely super powered bad types. Zod of course being only one. Darkseid let him have it like there was no tomorrow and in fact killed his cousin, Supergirl. As time went by and weapons of destruction became more and more powerful, he faced life an death nearly every day on the job, as it were.

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