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This stinks, but Michael Young should go

Dal_u_myoung_400Texas Rangers (third baseman?) Michael Young may be coming off the worst year of his career and he is 36, but he is not done. He likely will be a solid producer for three or four more years.

He won't be doing it for the Texas Rangers.

The Google Machine is all abuzz that the Rangers will finally deal Young, this time to the Philadelphia Phillies. This means Young will be dealt to a team in Japan.

All Young needs to do is waive his no-trade clause, and the Rangers will likely eat a decent portion of the $15 million he is due in 2013. As much as I like Michael Young and do feel his departure will create a much larger void in that clubhouse than expected, he should go.

Rangers manager Ron Washington may want him back, but the management does not. At some point, as much as MY and his family may want to stay, he should go. He can play for another team for a few seasons, return to FW/d when he retires and remain a fan favorite forever.

Rangers GM Jon Daniels may operate different than his mentor, GM John Hart, but they both agree to the philosophy that they want someone better than Michael Young.

The Texas Rangers have been trying to dump "the face of the franchise" ever since Tom Hicks hired the smartest man in baseball, John Hart, as his general manager in the offseason of 2002. Hart's successor, Jon Daniels, has also wanted to get rid of Michael Young for a long time.

106427725_crop_650x440When Hart was hired he made it clear he wanted a big bat and serious run production from his second baseman, which at the time was Young. Hart's emphasis was anchored around power pitching, and big bats.

But every time the Rangers thought they could find someone better all MY did was hit. Since then MY has been moved to shortstop, third base, first base, DH ... but he was also paid $80 mil over five years. When one signs for that type of a deal one is usually asked "deal with it".

Daniels has at least learned from the last time he tried to deal MY a few seasons ago and is not making any type of potential deal too public. At all. Daniels is going out of his way to say that teams are calling him about MY, not the other way around (wink-wink).

It doesn't matter who called who first. The Rangers want someone else in their infield, and in their lineup, whom they are convinced is an upgrade over MY.

Maybe they are right. 
MY should go to a team that wants him in their lineup and regards him as their upgrade.


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Young has been grossly overpaid his last few years...all $80 million, which should have been $20 million max. He was the2nd WORST player in MLB formost of the year. Profar will inject new energy and talent. It is time.

Nick Freeto

Michael Young is a whiner and that has always been his personality. Fans have tired of this guy! Trade him. Trade him today. Rangers have plenty of infield gloves. Be gone, Young! You never did squat!!!

Michael F Bell

The logic and meaning of this paragraph eludes me completely:

"The Google Machine is all abuzz that the Rangers will finally deal Young, this time to the Philadelphia Phillies. This means Young will be dealt to a team in Japan."

What does Japan have to do with anything? The topic is never mentioned, beyond the cryptic sentence in question.

The Big Mac Blog

Michael F. Bell - It's a joke. It means all of the rumors about a player expected to be traded to or sign with Team X are never right, and the guy ends up with a completely different club.

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