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Time for TCU to no longer just be happy about being here

Qw9mT.St.58FORT WORTH, Texas - TCU finished its 2012 conference home schedule without a win for the first time since 1986. The prevailing feeling generated by fans and players etc. is that this first season in the Big 12 was a massive success.

If you look at the numbers - 7-5 record, 4-5 conference - this is TCU's worst season since 2007. The string of double-digit win seasons has been snapped at four. TCU will likely finish unranked for the first time since 2004.

Look past the numbers and this may have been one of the best seasons ever coached by Gary Patterson, and easily the most entertaining TCU regular season in decades. The scene and the crowds at Amon G. Carter Stadium this season were fun, and a place to be.

Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Kansas State and the rest coming to Fort Worth was laughably better than Colorado State, UNLV or New Mexico.

That said, enough with the "Thank yous, we're so happy to be invited to the cool kids' party" from GP and all of TCU nation. This school has tripped over itself in thanking de facto Big 12 commissioner DeLoss Dodds and everyone else associated with the conference. TCU proved it can hang and it belongs in the Big 12, and no one was embarrassed by adding the Horned Frogs to this league. 

LBiKd.St.58Gratitude and humility are always appreciated, but TCU earned this. They were invited for a reason.

In this first season of the Big 12, TCU should have been happy to be invited to the cool kids' party. Now go find the homecoming queen and take her out.


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TCU did not win a single home conference game this season.....that is a success? After a win GP is quick to say "we have been in big games before"....yet after a loss he is quick to say "we have a bunch of freshman playing". Makes no sense!


James, considering how many true and redshirt freshman they had to rely on I'd say it was a huge success. They will compete for championships the next 3 years. With a little luck yesterday would've been for the title. Unreal how good these young guys are. Never heard of a team being so young competing the way they did. In contrast look at what Texas Tech did last year after a few injuries. Shows the large gap in coaching ability between Gary Patterson and people like Tommy Tubberville.


James, you are clearly evidence that people should have to pass an aptitude test before they are allowed to call themselves a sports fan. Do the world a favor and castrate yourself.


Again, not winning a single home game in the Big 12 is a success?


Good to see the new stadium helped TCU in 2012....


James you are a moron. They lost to ISU by two TD's with a QB that had ONE DAY of practice and had 3 INT's. One more day of practice and they win that game. They lost to Tech in overtime on what was clearly offensive pass interference. They lost to KState who was in the top 5 and they lost to OU in the final seconds.

Did they win home conference games, NO. But that doesn't mean they didn't have a hell of a season.


Take a look at NIU fans of TCU....remember those days of playing in an easy conference and going to BCS games? Those days are over for TCU! My favorite GP quote this year "I wish I could have my Rosé Bowl winning team going into our first year in the Big 12" funny GP. I am sure UT wishes they had Vince Young this year too GP! So pathetic.


James is a hater. James is a hater. James is a hater.

Phil Esteen

See what happens when you get rid of your best pot-smoking players. The wrath of a Midian mountain god with some broken stone tablets comes looking to knock down the hypocrites a peg or two.


Kyle Kintompkin

I hate James. I might start a blog dedicated regarding what an idiot hater James is


TCU proved they can stay "close" this year ? Is that a reason to be happy? Kansas almost beat UT this year so beating the horns is no big deal. At least the home crowd made a difference for the mighty frogs this year.

Pease stop with the excuses frog fans.


James admit it. Your a hater. TCU must have turned down your application. Were you a bad student because you sure make stupid posts.

Biff Tannen


Look, TCU is superior to Texas Tech. Just admit you are a Tech loser and move on. TCU wins the conference next year and plays in the NC the year after. James follow the other posters advice and get castrated.


TCU has a great chance to win at least some home Big 12 games next year unlike this year. TCU fans believe they are the only teams in the Big 12 that will improve next season. Wake up former MWC power! There where plenty of empty seats for some TCU home games this year.

Who didn't beat WVU this year?


UT didn't beat WVa, in Austin. And in Lubbock TT played UT and... oh wait.

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