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Time is coming for TCU to make a call on Casey Pachall

12-10-04-Casey_Pachall_DWIAccording to a pair of sources, former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall has completed the necessary paper work process to re-enroll at TCU in the spring. According to a source, all of the necessary requirements for Pachall to return to TCU have been met.

As far as Pachall actually returning to the TCU football team, however, no decision has been made - that's according to TCU media relations director Mark Cohen. TCU's fall semester is about to end, students have already enrolled for spring classes, so an announcement should be coming sooner rather than later.

On Oct. 9, TCU head coach Gary Patterson announced that Pachall was going to disenroll from the university to enter a treatment facility. Patterson left open the possibility of Pachall returning and re-joining the football team in the spring. That announcement came after Pachall had been arrested for driving while intoxicated a few days prior. According to Patterson on Oct. 9, Pachall needed about two semesters worth of credits to graduate.

The question now becomes whether Pachall returning is the best move for both parties. You want to do right by the kid, who appears to be trying to do right by his school and his team but … there is the distraction element, not to mention Trevone Boykin, too.

No way will, or should, Pachall return to TCU if he is not playing football. And does he return if he thinks there is even a chance he is not the starting quarterback?

Provided Pachall has satisfied whatever requirements were set, he should come back and compete for the starting quarterback job with Boykin. May the best man win.

At the time of Pachall left TCU was 4-0 and Boykin was preparing to play running back for a home game against Iowa State.

Since then Boykin, who is a redshirt freshman, has done about as well as a player could be asked given the circumstances. Boykin completed 58.6 percent of passes (154-263) with 15 TDs and 9 Ints. He had huge wins at Baylor, West Virginia and Texas, and he has TCU in a bowl game against Michigan State.

Ncf_u_boykin_ah_600Boykin is a superior runner, has a big arm and can throw the deep ball but he is not as accurate as Pachall. 

Pachall is a better pocket passer, but his return will bring a certain distraction element that GP can't be excited about dealing with. How will his teammates react to it? Pachall is going to be a rather large story. And handing Pachall his starting job back would nearly be impossible given what Boykin has done.

He was thrown into a very difficult situation, won some big games, took more than his share of hits, and demonstrated durability and toughness. Those are endearing qualities to teammates. 

Clearly his coaches don't trust him on certain throws. If TCU is going to make a run at 10 wins next season Boykin will have to be the player who makes the biggest improvement.

Are 10 wins more realistic under Pachall or Boykin? This is not an easy call either way, and feelings are going to be hurt.

If Pachall does return to the school and the team he should have the right to compete for the starting job. And so does Boykin.

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The Students of TCU

Here we go again... why do you call this "The Big Mac Blog"???? We love Casey. You obviously hate Casey and TCU. Why don't you move back to Kansas or Springfield Mo..or where ever you come from. You obviously hate Casey. Can you even write a balanced story or do you have to rip into this kid every time you want to get clicks. Give it a rest. Casey is not a drug dealer. He is a local hero. Quite being so jealous and grow up.


Dear "The Students of TCU," you do not represent the students of TCU. Please don't display yourself as such, because it's embarrassing.


He's a local hero? Then what does that make guys like LT and Dalton? Mac is writing about a situation that GP will have to deal with by not kicking Casey off of the team for good in October. We all hopes the kid bounces back as a person, first and foremost. Football will come down to what GP thinks.


I’m not so sure that Big Mac is beating up on Casey. Casey did a fair enough job of that all on his own. What this really boils down to is who will be better for the team. We've had an exceptional year considering all the factors, i.e., inaugural year in a tough league, Pachall’s suspension, a RB with a good arm being thrown into the fire and so on. I agree that it needs to be the best man that starts for TCU, but I am also concerned about the effect on the team if it is not Boykin. This kid has earned his spurs, and the respect of all concerned. Perhaps Boykin would rather return to RB? Maybe this would be best for all involved – considering that his chances of hitting the NFL as a signal caller are slim. Pachall’s a thrower, Boykin’s a runner. Maybe that’s the angle GP will take?


Pachall has NFL skills, Boykin has College skills. Case closed.

Newbomb Turk

"No way will, or should, Pachall return to TCU if he is not playing football."

Apparently, Mac thinks the fact that Casey is two semesters away from getting his degree is irrelevant.


Two things. (1) Why shouldn't Pachall get his education if he doesn't play football? (Para. 5) I found that a ludicrous, cynical claim. (2) It isn't just between Pachall and Boykin, there's also RS Tyler Matthews in the mix.


In CGP I trust..... Nuff said!

TCU Student

Mac hates everything Casey. Casey is a great guy and yes, maybe even a hero to some of us students. The guy can play and Mac likes to make him out like he is a corn-row wearing thug. He is not gangsta'. He is a smart, good looking, guy... and yes, maybe a hero. We love him and hope he plays for us and represents us again.


We love Casey sooo much! He is sweet, handsome, very very nice, and he is our quarterback. He does such a good job. He always talks to everybody on campus and really helps everybody get excited about our school. We love Casey and want him to be okay and come back so bad. He is a wonderful person and the best quarterback ever.


Mr. Engel should continue with his gig with Galloway and leave career guidance to those qualified. Casey did as most of us including this 77 year old by making mistakes in his life. Who of us didn't do likewise? Finishing his degree at TCU should be important to GP in his decision. And never to degrade what Boykin did under difficult circumstances but his talent is no way equal to Casey's as far as a NFL career and leading TCU to a Big12 championship next season. Boykin will make a super RB but not championship QB. Tyler Matthews will be a good backup while learning for the following year. IF TCU is to continue the run they started in the MW and Wac, they need to let Casey resume his role as QB. But GP is very qualified to make this touch decision and all Frogs should support that....Just an 'ole' Frog supporter from SE Texas


Casey put himself above his team and lost both of them. He can regain himself and continue his education - as for football, that is the coaches decision. He will in fact be a problem motivationally for the younger players who had to face the Big 12 without him because he couldn't face his own struggles within him. If plays it will because he earns it. If he has NFL skills he should declare eligible and move on with his life but should make sure he gets a degree. I wish the young man the best but sometimes the good of the unit needs to come first.

spivey jean

Mac is the biggest of idiot sports writers. Hey Mac, the distraction is over. Plus, Pachall won't be back until January, and guess what? There aren't distractions in the spring, only workouts and practices. Please Jen, slap a clue into your braindead hubby.


Pachall should get his degree from TCU if he pays for it. He shouldn't be allowed back on the team. He'll never make it in the NFL and I'm a huge Frog fan

Purple Storm is coming

Mac hates anybody that might have a better chin and hair. Next.


A lot, if not most, of these "student" posts are embarrassing. Stop. Posting.

mr bill

as a TCU grad, I agree with the writer. GP will have his hands full. He gave Casey the benefit of the doubt. Boykin stepped up tremendously. I do like the comment of Boykin as RB and CP as QB...interesting angle. But Boykin is (and should be) in the driver seat, so each one will have to step up accordingly. This is the Big 12 after all.


Personally, I almost never a agree with Mac. However I think he is right on this one. CGMFP will have his handful with this competition in the Spring and Fall practices. I think its great to be honest. Competition breeds improvement. I also like the idea of having CP and TB on the field at the same time. Both know the offense and both have the arm strength to throw down the field. I would like to see more of the wildfrog back in the offense, like we had in 2010. In CGMFP we trust.


Casey is a dummy. Thanks for destroying our season! Looking forward to Next year with Trevone at the helm.

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