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Tony Romo should look elsewhere & other genius observations

1fsd7N.St.58LANDOVER, Maryland - Tony Romo has one year remaining on his contract, but the time has come for him to move on.

This offseason is normally the time the Cowboys give potential free agents an extension, but this should not be one of those times. He has been the starting quarterback of this team since the middle of 2006, and by now the Cowboys know. This is who he is.

After watching Romo throw three interceptions against the Redskins in the season-ending 28-18 loss here on Sunday night, the evidence has now reached the "overwhelming" stage. He will be 33 in April of '13, and still has a few good years left but at this point he needs to go to another team that needs a quarterback.

The guy can play, but you have to wonder if even he isn't so tired of this story that he is ready to pull the trigger to see if the results will change.

Other astute observations from D.C. ...

1. The lines of the Cowboys have serious issues. The offensive line is limited; Tyron Smith may be fine at left tackle, but it looks as if the Cowboys are ready to write off Doug Free. The interior of the line is just -ish.
The defensive line is just as average. After basically missing the whole season with an ankle injury, Jay Ratliff may be cut. Josh Brent is gone. As a player he was developing into a solid stuffer. Sean Lissemore and Tyrone Crawford may eventually be OK, but this line has to start making some plays.

2. At one point in the fourth quarter the receivers were Cole Beasley, Dwayne Harris and Kevin Ogletree. Injuries to Miles Austin and Dez Bryant made this scenario a necessity.
Ogletree was too erratic this season, but Harris is a major find both as a punt returner and a third receiver.

GYI0061620115_medium3. Have Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware wasted their best years? Probably. Witten just had the finest regular season ever for a tight end, but he has been in the league for 10 years. He can likely continue to put up good numbers for a few more years, but you can't expect any more 100-catch seasons like this.
Ware will be 31 next year and you have to think he has two more years of high quality plays left in him. 

4. Robert Griffin III is hurt. Griffin was wearing a heavy brace over his right knee on Sunday night, and he was not moving the same. Regardless, he still ran six times for 63 yards and threw for 100 yards on 9-of-18 passing.

5. The Redskins swept the season series against the Cowboys for the first time since 2005. Good timing.

Images6. Dez Bryant is a man, man baby. But he is fragile? This is a tough human being. He had the broken finger that is going to require surgery, probably this week. And he had to leave Sunday night's game with a bad back. 
In his third season in the NFL, Dez developed into a top No. 1 receiver. But you ever notice how often he is always addressing some type of injury?

7. Miles Austin was this team's most disappointing skill position player. He had 66 receptions for 943 yards this season, hardly awful, but the Cowboys needed more from him. Austin is not 30, and he has demonstrated he is a legit threat. He needs to stay healthy, which does not get easier as you turn older, and he has to make bigger plays.

8. Reasons to be optimistic - Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr should be the core of what can be a pretty good defense next season.

9. RB Felix Jones and CB Mike Jenkins are gone. Jones is the portrait of why never to select a running back in the first round of the draft, unless his name is Adrian Peterson. Both Jones and Jenkins were first round draft choices by the Cowboys in 2008. And it looks like both will be gone before the start of the '13 season.
To have neither of your first round picks from that draft, and but one playoff win in their careers here, is a waste.

10. The Cowboys deserved to finish 8-8. The line between 10-6 and 8-8 is scary thin in the NFL, and the Cowboys were never good enough to seperate themselves even slightly because this is what erratic teams do - finish .500.


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Pretty much spot on except for Romo. The Cowboys should start looking at young value guys to develop for the future, but shouldn't bail on Romo. Without him, the Cowboys wouldn't have won four games this year. He's got some years left if the Cowboys O-line doesn't kill him.

Leigh T. Sampson of Dallas

If we got Tony Romo on the cheap I would be interested other than that he should be gone. He is the right age to have a break thru, problem is his character is as big of a question mark as his potential break thru. The guy has skills. He can play. But it's very fair to say at this stage of his career he has not gotten it done and might care more about the dollars than the wins.

My fear in giving him a big contract is that he will play the part of Mr. Hollywood. He will pretend his is Peyton Manning or Tom Brady and have never really won anything.

Tony Romo has imploded for the last tim in a Cowboys uniform (i hope)

It's time to cut ties with him. He can take a bad team and make them exciting but the Cowboys need a young quarterback. If we do what Washington did, give up a bunch of picks, we will be on the winning side of that game last night.

Romo has talent. Time for him to move on.

Terry @ Dallas, Tx

If Jery Jones and the Cowboys want to make a statement to their team and their fans Jerry would insist Tony finds his own way home after last night's game.

Any fans that say otherwise weren't watching the game.

Romo blew it and should be gone.


Romo can put up great statistics all year long, but he will never have the big play when you need it. Its not all his fault. But always playing to "win from behind" in overtime, you will eventually run out of luck.

Bob In Arlington

Tony does need a new address, with him still in the mix nothing changes offensively. This team is Jason you run out 6 yards and just hang around in case Dez can't get open.

Did anyone happen to notice that several times the Skins knew what play had been called and they jumped the route.

If the folks sitting at home in DFW know what play is coming up then why shouldn't we think the opposing team doesn't also know what the play is?

If you blitz Tony enough he will fold. The teams above .500 know that and execute that concept to a win.

Everytime Tony throws for 400 yards or more the Cows loose. Let Jason have a 100 catches a year because that is a receipe for a Cowboy 8 and 8 season.

Jake in Fort Worth

I respect you a lot for writing the part of your article about Romo. He has given us some good years but I agree with you. It's time for Romo to find a new home. I wish him well but I'm afraid any more near misses will turn my disappoitment to hate. Time for him to go.

Jack P. Johnson, Fort Worth

Romo isn't going anywhere and you know it. You need to do an article on his current contract and why Jerry Jones won't let him go.

The really sad part about all of this is Romo will probably take us to one playoff game next year. He'll play good enough to get another contract and never win anything ever again.

I can't believe we are saddled with this loser for the rest of the decade.


Romo can't be given more than a two year extension, period. The only thing that will save this team is for it to be sold to some other maniacal family.

Reggie from Arlington

Sports fans should not be disappointed. We played our hearts out. But we are what are record says we are. 8 and 8. I would love to be going to be the big dance but it aint in the cards.

Jerry Jones should get rid of Romo. Bring in some fresh young talent. But he won't. He doesn't think he alternatives are that attractive and he knows what it feels like to not have a marquee quarterback.

If Romo wants to change his public perception he needs to ask to be released. He would walk away from some real dollars but that alone would speak volumes about him. He won't but he should.

It's hard for me to be a fan of this team. They embrace mediocritcy. They are afraid to make big moves. And their record since Romo has been a starter, more or less, reflects that.

I hope they cut Romo and gut this team.

Time to either win or die trying.

Frustrated in Big D

I can live with the loss. I can live with 3 interceptions by Tony Romo. I can live with just missing the playoffs -- AGAIN!!!

What i can't live with is apathy. This team has had tons of time to get it done. They didn't. It's time for a change.

I respect the hell of out of Jim Harbaugh. He could have kept Alex Smith and kept his job and kept on winning games. Instead, he put in Colin K and let the chips fall where they may. We need to do the same. Romo is talented but it's time for a change. Cut him loose and go after some new blood. Develop a young guy. It will be hard to replace Romo's talent but not his record. We can just miss the playoffs and go 8 and 8 with plenty of guys. We need to get some winners in here or at least try.

Kerry Williams in Dallas

We have some talent on this team on both sides of the ball. But the QB thingy needs to go. He takes too many risks. Parcells said it best about Romo. You'll love him for some of the things he can do and hate him for some of the things he does.

The Cowboys need a competent QB who does his job. We don't have to have a super star. Romo loves himself. We need a guy that can manage the game effectively. We don't need 3 interceptions in the biggest game of the season.

Let Romo go.

Lawrence J. on the south side of Dallas

The Cowboys are close. They have talent. I say, keep the team together. Upgrade the offensive line, beat on Romo to be a better game manager, and continue to be aggressive. I think had we not been so banged up we would be in the playoffs. Stay the course. But lower your expectations if you are a Cowboys fan. We have talent but we need a RG3 QB if we are going to be a real threat.

Randy from the NE corner of Hampton & Singleton in North Dallas

im so glad our season is over. it was inevitable from the start. we suck. eject romo from the planet and gut this team like a pig

Caroll in south Texas

It's easy to get on the "Get rid of Romo" band wagon. I don't think he has go to go but something has to change. New GM. New coach. New quaterback. We have talent. Just need to get to a Super Bowl. If making it to the playoffs is all we can get done; I say blow up this team and start over.


First, Jerry will NEVER, NEVER, EVER let Romo walk. He will give him a 5 year extension and pay him big $$ b/c that's what a bad GM would do, and Jerry qualifies.

But let's assume we had a good GM. If he let Romo go, you can expect a team that does not finish better than 5-11 for the next 2-3 years. People will be amazed at how much poorly the next QB will likely be. It takes luck to find a franchise QB. They don't grow on trees, and like or not, we've been lucky to have Romo and find him as a UDFA. that's pretty rare.

Pouring resources into the interior offense and defense is really mandatory if this team is ever going to be good again.

Finally, the best thing that could come out of getting rid of Romo would be a better draft position. But alas, if Jerry's running the draft, that won't help much. He could find a way to fail even with a number one pick.

leroy williams

I have said this more than once, for as long as Jerry Jones is running the show the Cowboys will never win another playoff game. Making money and being in the limelight seems to be of more importance than winning championships. Change the General Manager and you see significant improvements. Jerry must go!!!

Susan from New Mexico

Not that football is everything but I do love my Dallas Cowboys. It's a reall bummer they lost. I would say 'maybe next year' but from your article and ensuing comments; next year kinda looks over too if something doesn't change.


It amazes me Jerry Jones is going to have Garrett and Romo back. Amazing. They failed. They suck. 8 and 8 is not worth giving Romo an extension. I hope that franchise falls in the ocean. We suck.


For those who want Romo gone, remember the the six years between Aikman and Romo. Cowboys starting QBs and W/L records: Quincy Carter (16-15), Anthony Wright (1-4), Ryan Leaf (0-3), Clint Stoerner (1-1), Chad Hutchison (2-7), Vinny Testeverde (5-10), Drew Henson (1-0), and Drew Bledsoe (12-10). Romo is 55-38 as a starter in seven seasons. As someone said earlier, starting QBs don't grow on trees, and look at Jerry's track record bringing QBs in here. I'll take SIX more years of Romo over watching Jerry waste six seasons bringing in drug users, headcases and baseball pitchers/science projects.


Romo is to QBs what Marty Schottenheimer was to coaches. That is, both of them will get you very good numbers but in big, important games, you can forget it! They're less than the sum of their parts.

What's so scary/frustrating is that it's hard to find a QB that's much better at all than Romo. His numbers are very good. In a number of ways he's an elite QB but every single one of us knows that he's not going to get this team to the Super Bowl. (Although, would anyone be surprised if he went to another team and won big with them?) This is a fine example of the rock vs. the hard place.


Tony Romo is not the problem in Dallas. If you will remember Brian Johnson and Trent Dilfer took their respective teams to a Superbowl victory and I would argue that neither one of them is the player that Tony is. Tony deserves a team will play to the end and not be blown out right before the playoffs by injuries. The play to the end part was there this year. The injury issues are what took them down in the end. If you arm chair quarterbacks will remember they won the last 6 of 8 games BECAUSE of Tony's ability to play. Yes he had a bad game. Does he deserve all this crap from the media and bandwagon fans. NO. Let's look to next year when we have a new o line and a fresh set of receivers and Murrey is healthy all year then give him a real shot at the playoffs.

Happy New Year

Romo sux. My New Year's resolution is to bag on Romo and the Cowboys till the get a GM or kick Tony to the curb.

Texan Fan

I love it that Dallas, Jerry Jones, and Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere are stuck with Romo. It's a perfect marriage. A team, owner, player, and fan base is infatuated with money and could care less about winning. I can't wait for them to sign Romo to an extension. This group deserves a Hollywood-wanna-be QB like Tony Romo as much as they deserve one another. The only way you ever make it to the post season is by buying a ticket!

Linda R.

Can we be any worse??? Over paid, over hyped, and now just over. I wish next season would never come. We will be aweful forever.

Rear View Mirror

Shanahan schooled Garrett.

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