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Uh-oh: Tony Romo's numbers are improving & will keep him with the Dallas Cowboys

Dal_g_romo_b1_400IRVING, Texas - One-fourth of the NFL season remains to be played on the football field at football stadiums, and, yes - Tony Romo's football numbers are actually getting there. 

(Yes, this is a deliberate effort to say the word 'football' as many times as possible).

67 % completion percentage. 3,660 yards. 19 TDs. 15 Ints.
He is projected to throw for 4,880 yards with 25 TDs and 20 Ints this season.

PREDICTION: His numbers are going to eventually look good by season's end, and be the reason why the Romo Lovers - i.e. the Cowboys - will want to keep him around and slap an extension down in front of his face this offseason.

After a horrid beginning where every other pass Romo threw seemed to be picked off, his numbers are beginning to reflect just about every other season he has been a starter in the National Football League playing the game of football.

I asked him on Thursday what has changed.

"More than anything, our turnovers have been cut down quite a bit," he said. "Obviously, you've tried to be a little bit more judicious with the ball. Saying that, I've made similar throws. It's just we've done some things the right way on the other side as well. We've gotten in and out of the route the right way and things of that nature that kind of have cost us a few times. I think as we've gone on, as the season's progressed, people as a whole have understood what we're trying to do and where we need to be."

Jess-simpson-tony-romo-bTranslation - Guys like Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Kevin Ogletree are where they are supposed to be. I'm not taking quite as many chances. Unlucky bounces aren't happening. When we run the ball well I don't have to throw it 50 times a game. And it really helps to play the Eagles twice and the Browns once in the past month.

Romo will be really judged over the last four games, and whether he can help push this average team to 10 wins. Either way, the numbers are coming around which almost ensures he will, too.



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Get Vick

Let's hope Romo goes to the Raiders to end his career next season. He is aweful. Maybe worse than Jerry Jones.


I don't know which is the bigger waste of written words - the article or the goofball with the comment posted by Get Vick. Romo will continue to be the most underrated quarterback in the NFL. No other quarterback could win with the combined defensive and offensive line problems that the Cowboys have had for the past couple years. None.


Oh, I also forgot. Who would post a picture of Romo from a few years ago with Jessica Simpson. Everyone knows he is married with a child. How classless can you be ? There are plenty of pictures with him and his wife to put in the article. I believe this shows what a true low life you are.


So Engle it appears you are a hack too with this drival. I agree with cowboysince76 regarding the lack of class displaying the pic. But more importantly, you underscore the simple minds of the DFW media who always blame the QB regardless of the evidence. Romo should leave and go to somewhere he will be more appreciated and you idiots will move on to blaming the next QB irregardless of the fact that the GM is complete failure, the OL can't protect, the DL can't rush or tackle, etc. Over 1/2 of the int's are on the WR's but your sarcastic approach ignores the evidence. Romo says the PC thing and you act all McMahon like with your approach. I guess it is pretty much like they say, "those who can't write a blog."


Unfortunatly you are most likey correct. Another year of Romo

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