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Vegas fight shocker: Manny Pacquiao looks done

ImagesManny Pacquiao may be one of the greatest fighters of this century, but consecutive losses are not going to help and just short of his 34th birthday he may be done. At least on the way down.

So much for Manny v. Floyd Mayweather.

The Pacman was knocked out with one second remaining in the sixth round of his fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez in Vegas on Saturday night. Marquez landed a devastating right hand that hit Pacman's face flush that ended to the fight. Manny walked right into the punch.

It was the second time that Pacquiao was knocked down during the fight. Other than those two knock down shots, however, Pacman was landing more punches. This had the makings of a great fight.

It was the fourth fight between these two, and this time Marquez landed the superior shots to leave zero doubt. Pacman was more aggressive, but he just caught got by a serious counter puncher. Give it up to Marquez - he was aggressive and totally deserving of this fight.

Immediately after the fight, Marquez did not rule out a fifth fight against Pacman. Pacman said he would fight Marquez again.

Pacman has lost two straight fights - vs. Timothy Bradley in a totally bogus decision and now this to Marquez. 

Pacman does not sound like he is ready to retire - he is only 34 - and he is certainly good enough to reclaim one of boxing's 10 belts, but the days of the Pacman at the very top of this weightclass appear over.

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Manny looked great. He took a wild shot to the head. Manny is/was the better fighter. He got caught with a counter punch. It was a great fight. I can't believe I am saying this but I am looking for fight number 5. Manny has a lot of good years left and is a classy excellent fighter.

Fight Fan

Amazing fight. Many times fights like these don't live up to the hype and are frequently annoying and a waste of money. This fight was great. Totally worth what we paid. Loved it. Great night for boxing. I'm looking forward to number five.


Great fight !! Manny needs to take one easy fight and then step up again. Manny is far from done but the end is close.

Tech 9 @ Dallas

The under card sucked but the main event more than made up for it. Manny puts on a show. He is, pound for pound, the best fighter on the planet. I hope he trains hard, comes back, and dominates the sport for the next couple of years. Hard to believe boxing has a 'good guy' to promote the sport. Loved it. Great fight.

vince lopez

Manny is a great fighter for sure ,but Marquez is overlooked he is also a great fighter and truth be told he holds the only decisive victory of the 4 fights props to juan manuel!


manny fought great,he's my favorite,Marquez had major strength and conditioning,that's how he could battle through his injury,while still focused,manny needs Alex Ariza in his next camp,Marquez trained for 4months hard,many did more sparring and trained half the time jjm did,manny will rise again!!!

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