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Walking Dead an effective warning of how difficult the zombie apocalypse will be

WalkingDead-LaurieHolden-thumb-550x364-102881Fans of the impossibly popular AMC show "The Walking Dead" must wait until February for this third season to continue.

It's "mid-season" finale was Sunday night, during the Cowboys/Eagles game ... which was not unlike an episode of the Walking Dead itself. The only difference is the zombies in the Cowboys/Eagles game can cash a check after they take the life out of your wallet.

If there is a more violent/gruesome show on basic cable TV please tell me. About the only thing this show has not done is to ask Andrea (Laurie Holden) to run around naked. BTW - Ever notice how Andrea always looks absolutely fetching despite living in a zombie apocalypse? That's skill.


In the mid-season finale the tranquil, "Truman Show" like town led by The Governor was inflitrated not by zombies/walkers/biters but worse: Sherriff Rick Grimes and his band of good guys from Woodbury Prison, who flat get things done. This group not only kills walkers, but convicts, regular citizens and their own mothers.

TWD_TR_308_0802_01951This show kills zombies and does brutal as well as any show on TV. The tough part is finding the balance between character/story development and action. As good as this show is, it struggles finding that middle ground. It's too much of one or the other.

What ensued on Sunday night was a serious clash of cultures, and gun play that would have made for a good trailer to The Expendables 3.

This is what we know: Living in a zombie apocalypse really messes you up, and would require a lot out counseling to sort this stuff out.

Coming in the second half of this third season will be, at least:
* A massive confrontation between brothers Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker, who plays mean Southern trash better than any actor ever has).
* A very awkward conversation between Andrea and The Governor. Not only did The Governor have a daughter but he kept her locked up as a zombie. 
* More samurai sword swinging from the zombie killing machine Michonne, whose character really needs to be fleshed out. 
* A welcome addition to the show is Tyreese (Chad Coleman), who leads a small group to Woodbury.  Coleman played one of my favorite characters from The Wire - he was the rehabbed ex-con, Dennis "Cutty" Wise. 
* Expect Rick Grimes to get some against The Governor.

Looking forward to it ...


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