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Was it God or the $125 mil' that told Josh Hamilton to sign with the Angels?

Carole+Moreno+Los+Angeles+Angels+Anaheim+Introduce+h9dUQCT3yjHlI like Josh Hamilton, and I always respected his candor when last season he made no bones about his desire and intent to sign with the highest bidder when he became a free agent.

He offered any tired cliches about anything other than intending to go to the place that offered him the best deal, i.e. money. He never pretended free agency was going to be anything other than a cash grab. 

Professional sports careers are short, and the opportunity to make this type of money - five years, $125 million - can't be taken lightly. You get what you can while you can. Plus, he goes to a competitive team in an area that has a good quality of life, which he will be able to afford.

No one should doubt Hamilton's sincere commitment to his faith, but it felt just so insincere when he conveyed that it was God who gave him the OK on the Angels.

"When you pray about something and God gives you peace about a decision, more than likely that's His will for you," Hamilton said. "When you don't have peace about it, it's not. I prayed a lot about it and understand I had such a great time in Texas. ... A lot of time God likes to take us out of our comfort zone so, one, you can grow spiritually, and two, we can affect people in different places."

I like the last sentence, a lot.

I also have no problem with the truth, either. It's pro sports, and these days there is simply no shame in saying what Josh said all along - it was about the best deal.

For so long Josh said it was going to be about the best contract offer, and now after signing it's about God's will?

God wants you to be a good dude and live a decent life, and He does not care if he hits home runs for the Angels, Rangers or Phillies.


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Allen R.

This is old news. Josh is gone. Thank goodness. I think even when he was here he was gone.


Now that Josh is the enemy, I pray that God doesn't teach him the strike zone.

Blessed 2 B 4 Givn

Regardless of his reasons or motivations, I'm still a Hamilton Fan. Baseball, not so. Life is more than Rangers and Cowboys. If he didn't feel God's leading, $125M isn't enough ! Blessed are the poor....


I also recall when as a kid in a large protestant demonitation I so often heard preachers say "I've prayed over this and now must tell you that the Lord is leading me to another church". Same with Josh. Had nothing to do with the Money. But for God's sake just be honest and say "I'm in this for the money as a means of making a living and the money elsewhere was better, so goodbye". The Lord also expects us to be upfront and honest. Even baseball players!!!

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