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What the how?! The Big Mac Blog scores an interview with Jane Fonda

Cat Ballou14In what maybe the biggest "big time" interview of a career full of fifth-place finishes, un-won awards and distinguished merit badges for attendance, The Big Mac Blog bagged Cat Ballou.


Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda, who will turn 75 later this month, was nice enough to give me 20-minutes of her time for an interview. She has a new home workout DVD that has just been released and is making the rounds.

(No, this photo is not what we would call "recent".)

So you can re-adjust your schedule accordingly, I will be posting this interview on Wednesday.


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Zed is dead

Jane Fonda is lucky to be talking with you.

You do get some big talent on here.

Simply amazing.

Rob Banks

I doubt very many of your readers even know who Hanoi Jane is.


We are required to forgive the Hanoi Jane thing. She's an actress after all. Chris Brown can explain it to you.

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