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Whatever it's worth - the Dallas Cowboys do not quit under Coach Process

CINCINNATI, Ohio - (Computer issues). Whatever happens the rest of the year he Cowboys' 20-19 win in Cincinnati against a decent Bengals team will be the highest, and lowest, point of this season.

They are 7-6 and still have a chance, however small.

1. Jason Garrett – The best he has been since he took over as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. His post-game comments were sincere, compassionate, and from the heart. As to whether he remains this team’s head coach after this season, not been decided yet. The team continues to just barely be good enough to win or lose.

Say this again – he has never lost this team.

2. Right tackle. Doug Free’s days of holding this job down are obviously over. The Cowboys are trying to develop Jermey Pernell and are now rotating him in. That’s a stinging indictment on Free. Neither guy was great on Sunday against a very good Bengals’ pass rush, but both held up throughout.
With the exception of guard Nate Livings, the line held up better than expected. 

Images3. Dez Bryant. He didn’t have one of those monster days - four catches, 50 yards - like he had in the previous four weeks but he did come up with the rather large touchdown in the fourth quarter. All nine Dez Bryant TDs have come in second halves this season.
It should be noted when he had to come out for a bit that Kevin Ogletree, who down to fourth on the WR depth chart, came up with two catches for 28 yards in the fourth quarter. 

4. Rob Ryan. Absolutely embarrassing. It’s sometimes charming to watch him growl up and down the sidelines during a game. When he dog-cussed Bengals’ tackle Andre Smith for an obvious hold that was not called and was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct he crossed the line into Stupid. Can’t do that.
He really didn't need to "help" his defense that had enough to deal with without his stupidity.
His defense gave up 146 rushing yards on 20 carries.

4.5 Anthony Spencer is going to get paid this offseason. In a contract year Spencer is having the best year of his career. Against the Bengals he had 11 tackles and two sacks.

5. Brian Moorman. Wow. Noteworthy because it was really hard to do what he did – three punts of 30 yards or fewer. Granted, one was tipped but he had an awful day.

6. Miles Austin. Remains the very worst quote on this team. After the game I asked him what changed for his offense in the fourth quarter – the team scored 10 points in the fourth when it had been held to 10 the previous 45 minutes.

“I don’t know,” he said. “We have to go back and look at the film and see what we did schematically.”

He could say, "Nothing. We just made the plays this time."

628x4717. DeMarco Murray. The Cowboys offense line isn’t that good. The Bengals defensive line is good. Both of these things explain why Murray ran for 53 yards on 21 carries with a touchdown. That said, he is so much more of a threat that any runner on this roster the Cowboys are completely different when he is not playing.

“You have a guy that can win one-on-one matchups in different avenues,” Tony Romo said, “whether it’s the run game or the pass game.”

On the Cowboys’ final drive they faced a 3rd-and-5 inside the Bengals' 50, Murray’s leaping run gave them a first down that helped set up the game-winning field goal.

8. A.J. Green. One of the very best receivers in the NFL had maybe of the worst games of his life - three catches for 44 yards, and several drops. He hangs on to those passes & it’s a different game.

9. Brandon Carr v. Terence Newman. The Cowboys cut Newman in the offseason and signed Carr as his replacement. Carr was better on Sunday by catching the interception in the first half to set up a touchdown. Newman dropped at least one interception, including one that would have sealed the game.

8934c9c5-7b4b-4bbd-94c7-1bc0f290fe5210. NFC East
1. NYG Giants (8-5): at Falcons (11-2), at Ravens (9-4), v Eagles (4-9)
2. Washington Redskins (7-6): at Browns (5-8), at Eagles (4-9); v. Cowboys (7-6)
3. Dallas Cowboys (7-6): v Steelers (7-6), v Saints (5-8), at Redskins (7-6) 


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I don't see how we get in the playoffs but I'm hopeful. We are such a good team and so close to be a really competitve team. Romo is growing up, our coaching staff is coming together... i hope JJ gets it together this off season after we miss the playoffs for the umpteenth time.

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