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Why liking the Washington Redskins is impossible, even with RGIII

Daniel-snyderWhen the Washington Redskins traded everything to draft Baylor QB Robert Griffin III my sports heart immediately felt a little heavy. Here is a guy who is nearly impossible not to like going to a franchise run by a man who is mathematically impossible to like.

As many jerseys as RGIII is selling for the Redskins these days, and as much fun as he is to watch, his presence alone does not outweigh the negative vibes generated by Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Cowboys at Redskins on Sunday always brings to mind this famous article from The Washington City Paper, published in 2010.

No owner in recent sports has created such a more negative image of himself as Snyder. This includes LA Clippers owner Don Sterling and Cincy Bengals owner Mike Brown. At least Jerry Jones has a sense of humor about himself and will laugh at his own mistakes.

Snyder has created the impression of a super thin-skinned man who has surrounded himself with a group of Smithers-like sycophants.

Sadly, for the first time since he bought the Redskins in May of 1999 it does appear as if he finally has a winner on his hands. If the Redskins win on Sunday it will be only the third time in the Dan Snyder era the team has won 10 games, fourth time they made the playoffs, and first since 2007.

Here is the rub: You want to for a guy like Robert Griffin III, but desperately want to see Snyder continue to sports suffer in perputuity.


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Matt @ Fort Worth

What a shcck; the Big Mac Blog runs the umpteenth billion article on how he (and why you should) hates Daniel Snyder.

Sadly, and for once, I agree with you. Snyder is the Sports Anti-Christ.

Go suck it Snyder.


You have got be kidding, your owner is pathetic. Snyder is no angel but at least he stays off the field and allows someone with football knowledge to run his team.


you're an idiot if you think Snyder is still the worst owner in sports

Keith K

This article has got to be some kind of joke. The only time you've heard anything from Snyder in the past three years is when, like in this drivel, the media brings him up. Unlike Jerry Jones, the attention whore who never met a camera he didn't love, Snyder has actually stayed out of the way of his football people for several years now. I've been as critical of Snyder as anyone, but I also believe that he should be given credit for finally realizing the error of his ways, unlike his Dallas counterpart who seems to think he should be doing more than signing the checks.


I'm a Skins fan from DC. I can assure you, most Skins fans agree with your dislike for Danny Boy. No one knew when he bought the team that the Redskins were going to wander through the NFL desert for all those years because Danny Boy(he known as Danny Boy because he was too stupid and immature to go a hire good football people to run the team) went and hired that clown Vinny Cerrato to make mistake after mistake and bury the Skins under tons of bad contracts. Only recently has he shown some wisdom to stay out of the spotlight.


I love puppies and the redskins


"If the Redskins win on Sunday it will be only the second time in the Dan Snyder era the team has won 10 games, and third time they made the playoffs."

Snyder's Redskins won 10 games in 1999 and 2005. Snyder's Redskins also made the playoffs in 1999, 2005, and 2007.

Please check your facts.

The Big Mac Blog

Boss_Hogg - Good catch. I had the date of Snyder buying the team incorrect, which does change it.

Bethany Quinn

I hate Daniel Snyder. I don't care when he bought the team. He totally has short man's disease and generally an arrogant, little, jerk of a man.


Can you please tell me what this means? "Here is the rub: You want to for a guy like Robert Griffin III, but desperately want to see Snyder continue to sports suffer in perputuity."

Is this really the level of "journalism" you aspire too? Not only is the article mundane, factually wrong and boring. It's horribly written. Perhaps you should stick to the little guy words they are used to there in Dallas? Oh and while I too dislike "Danny boy" I am still a die hard Skins fan. However, nothing DBoy has done will ever overshadow the dispicable way in which Jerry JOnes dispatched the legendary Coach Tom Landry. I actually used to like the Cowpokes in the 70's up until he showed such disregard for Coach Landry. Romo sucks, the Cowgirls suck and so does your blog.

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