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Why Mike Gundy would leave Oklahoma State for Arkansas or Tennessee

Dm_111022_cgd_mike_gundy_wiredReports are increasing that Oklahoma State head football coach Mike "I'm a Man, I'm 40!" Gundy has interviewed for the head coaching positions at Arkansas and Tennessee.


Landing Gundy would be a serious get for either program, and a major slap in the face to Oklahoma State team owner, T. Boone Pickens.

(It is fun to watch T. Boone take on Jerry Jones out-stupid each other as they spend their discretionary income on their respective alma mater's college athletic teams.)

Why would Gundy, who played at Okie State and has become a massive success turning the Cowboys into a power, leave Stillwater?
Because for all of the success Oklahoma State has had in recent seasons, it's not the University of Oklahoma. Gundy, and T. Boone, have turned OSU into a very good job, but it's not OU.

Img10617203Leaving Okie State for Arkansas almost feels like a lateral move. Arkansas is as difficult, if not more so, than Oklahoma State.
Leaving Okie State for Tennessee, which should own Memphis in recruiting and thus be a top 10 team, has some logic to it.

Gundy's interviews could merely just be a leverage ploy for more cash, or the opportunity to land the big job of the big flagship state school.


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Jamal Grant

Gundy is hated in Oklahoma, even by OSU fans, primarily because of his frequent temper tantrums and general piss-poor demeanor. Starting over fresh at another program (and hopefully with the help of some anger management counseling and medication) wouod allow him to build a new legacy for himself

Susan Dukes

I can assure you that MOST OSU fans most certainly do NOT hate Mike Gundy. We're all really stressed about this situation and don't want him to leave. We shall see. BTW, if it matters to you: what we DO hate is being called "Okie State."

R Turner

Oklahoma State doesn't want to be OU for good doesn't have to...O-State is a powerhouse on it's own merits.

And Mac Engel-you are an idiot. You have no clue regarding Oklahoma football...and no one in Oklahoma calls OSU...Okie State...get a freaking clue, idiot!

Dillon Webb

You are absolutely wrong Jamal..OSU fans ADORE Gundy and stand behind him 100% this school and community would be devastated if he left, I pray he stays at his alma mater.


Mac--stop that annoying habit you must have picked up from Galloway about refering to OSU as Okie State. It is disrespectful and you come across like an person stuck in dust bowl times. As to Gundy, he has done a great job and I don't know of anyone who wants him to leave. Holder is a jerk and he should leave before he runs off Gundy. And why in God's name would OSU want to be the Other University? We have more winning traditions, more NCAA champsionships and more pride. The only thing we didn't have was money, now we do and look what has happened.

N. Smith

Did ya'll miss this comment a major slap in the face to Oklahoma State team owner, T. Boone Pickens? Team owner???? Who is this guy?

And I have never heard it called OKIE disrespectful.


BTW--Nice picture of Barry--maybe the Star-Telegram should emulate the Morning News and update the photo files.


Your article is an unfounded turd. Tennessee a better job than OSU? What are you watching? Too many goofy statements to count really.

And the I'm a Man, I'm 40 thing is old and stupid. I suppose it's a way that people that are not knowledgeable about the sport can make a cute football reference. He's a man with a BCS win and a Big 12 title.


Wow Okie State fans. Little guy complex maybe? You're trying too hard.

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