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Why this Horned Frog & former Cowboy need to flee their present location

201212091427520728672-p2CINCINNATI, Ohio – For those of you who bag on Jerry Jones you really need to watch a game at Paul Brown Stadium for some proper perspective.

Jerry may not always do a lot of things that are consistent with the late Tom Landry; what the Bengals do these days is all but spit on the legacy of the late Paul Brown, whose influence on pro football is in the same neighborhood as Landry’s. 

It is why both former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton and Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer desperately need to get out of Cincy immediately.

Dalton has a chance to be a very nice NFL quarterback who wins a lot of games, but playing for this organization is going to run him into the ground.

I am not sure whether he is going to be a stud NFL QB. He does not have a huge arm. But much like his days at TCU, it does look like he is improving. 

Tumblr_meh611L4ER1rge74zo1_500What I do know is that his upside is going to limited as long as he plays in Cincinnati. The reasons why Carson Palmer would have rather retired than play for the Bengals still exist. Either way, Dalton figures to be in the league forever.

As for Zimmer, the man knows how to coach defense but it is going to be very hard – think impossible – for his work to be recognized as long as he is buried in Cincy. He and Rob Ryan are the longest-tenured coordinators who have never been given a chance to be a head coach.

Zimmer has interviewed for other jobs before but never been offered a head coaching NFL job, which is what he wants. As much as this defense has improved under Zimmer the team merely hovers around .500. Zimmer is worthy of a head coaching position, but selling his name may not be an easy sell to a fan base that wants to see the "hot coordinator".

The Bengals do nothing to help either of these guys.

Never have you seen so much apathy and resignation on the part of a fan base. You can be mad at Jerry, but he does care. The Bengals do not appear to care about the final score at all. The whole thing looks like they just shrug their shoulders at the sight of another loss. This organization is happy receiving their check and going home. 

It is sad to see a franchise that under Paul Brown went to two Super Bowls and had names such as Ken Anderson, Greg Cook, Isaac Curtis, Anthony Munoz, Ken Riley, etc. lounge in mediocrity. 

They may employ a lot of coaches and players who are professional, talented and try, but to ask Dalton and Zimmer to overcome this culture of apathy and indifference may be too much.

Get out if you can.

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danny petrie

I don't necessarily disagree with your conclusion but would have enjoyed reading some concrete facts to back up the conclusion. I think a majority of us feel concerned about Dalton being on a team that has a reputation as being a poorly run organization but yet facts and evidence are missing from your article. I would think a fundamental requirement of making an argument in journalism would require that you put something in the article to support your claim so the reader be better informed.

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