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And Casey Pachall's future at TCU is ...

Casey-pachall-campus-unionTCU's spring semester begins on Monday, Jan. 14 and quarterback Casey Pachall is scheduled to be in class and is returning to the football team, head coach Gary Patterson told me today.

"He finished all of his in-patient work and has been in out-patient work up until Friday," Patterson said. "He did everything we wanted him to do."

Pachall has not been with the team since his DUI in early October, after which he disenrolled from school. He had been living in Austin with his sister as he attended both in and out-patient treatment.

Pachall is scheduled to be with the team when they meet this afternoon. There are also other issues to be addressed, namely the continued counseling Pachall is seeking; Patterson said Pachall will be assigned a sponsor as well.

6a00e54f7fc4c58833017ee40ac152970d-300wiPatterson said he does not know if Pachall will be his team's starting quarterback, but that he will begin offseason workouts and training with the team. Patterson said Pachall has not lifted weights or thrown a ball in several months.

"He looks great; it's like he looked when he was a freshman," Patterson said. "Right now we feel really good about this. It's never going to be 100 percent perfect but there is a chance we did the right thing and made a difference."

Patterson added: "You gotta understand, everybody is going to be watching on this."

I asked Patterson if he, or anyone at TCU, has made it clear to Pachall that they stuck their neck out for him and he needs to return the favor.

"He already knows that. He knew that the first time. He knows," Patterson said. "He met with Campus Life and one of the reasons I feel so good about this is because they feel so good about it. They feel very comfortable with it."

If this goes right, Pachall will be this team's starting quarterback in the fall of 2013. His return will dramatically improve this team's chances in their second year in the Big 12.

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Programs that are known for winning championship-caliber football with integrity, ethics, and role models, such as Notre Dame and Stanford, for examples, would not have further risked the reputation of their programs and institutions like this; more questionable programs such as Miami would. They have proven that you can win titles without coke/X/DUI QB's no matter how good their arm strength may be, and in so doing have demonstrated their true values in educating the next generation of boys into men.

I wonder how many parents will be less thrilled about their kids looking up to TCU football for role models on TV and at games? I wonder how many other top recruits will choose elsewhere like the recruit did last year prior to the bust of the team's drug dealers?

What was it that Patterson was quoted as saying to ESPN about this time last year when his players were arrested for drug dealing? I seem to have forgotten.

Its a good thing that no one was killed in that DUI on campus, apparently.


Why not give the kid a true second chance: let him complete his college education and earn a degree online or via distance learning so that a kid with obvious addiction issues doesn't get placed right back into the same negative environment of drinking on campus that he just worked so hard to get clean from? IF you care about him, as a person, why have him risk a relapse in the same dangerously temping environment, just to improve your football game scores? Is that fair to Casey?

They could also give him a release from the team and allow him to transfer to a Division I FBS school where he could play immediately to get NFL combine attention, where he can pursue his degree in a different environment that may be better suited to helping him stay clean, or why not BYU? Would that not truly in the person's best interest instead of The Program?

I wonder what the over/under is on a relapse for a kid in college after having trouble? I hope this doesn't hurt the kid to help the coach while degrading the university's reputation.

REAL reality

... you have no idea what you are talking about.

tim aparicio

I guess that GP loves drunks & druggies to allow Pachall back...GP didn't have the balls to do the right thing & kick him off the team.

realer reality

Notre Dame as an example of a program with "integrity, ethics, and role models"? This is a joke, right? The oh-so-holy golden domers covered up rape allegations and let the involved players play all the way through the NC game. Just do a search for "Notre Dame rape" to educate yourself on the matter. And spare us the judgmental attitude next time.

As for Casey, welcome back. I'm proud of the way Patterson and the school handled the situation. College kids drink and drive all the time. Not a good idea, no, but it is not sexual assault.


Funny how you bring up Stanford, didn't Shayne Skov play this year after his DUI arrest?


Michael Floyd played for Notre Dame, right?

TCU Girl

Dear Reality - You are not living in reality.

Tri Detla

You do you hate Casey so much. He is tall, and sweet, and a really nice person. He always talks to everyone. Even if you are not popular he will say hi to you. I remember one of our the pledges from our house comes from a really small town and he was really nice to her. I hope you will start writing nice things about Casey. Our team needs him. He is smart, and really nice and is a really good leader in football games and all over the campus.



What the heck are you talking about? Notre Dame played two football players accused of sexual assault this year and stonewalled those investigations. Notre Dame is all about winning regardless of the cost. In contrast, TCU actually kicked Pachall off the team last year and has only allowed him back with strict conditions. Plus, the only reason we know about Pachall's earlier exploits is because the FWPD overstepped their bounds and did a 6 month undercover drug sting investigation and then asked fishing expedition questions that extended far beyond that time. No other police department in a major college town is doing anything like that despite plenty of evidence that they would find similar results. Don't kid yourself, if they did this at Notre Dame and Stanford, you would find dirty laundry there too.

I actually think it is great that TCU is not turning their back on kids that have some type of issue (addiction, grades, etc). Instead, if the kids do what is needed to fix the issue, TCU will welcome them back in many cases. This is why we also have seen the return of Deryk Gildon and James Dunbar who rectified their academic issues and are now being able to rejoin the team. Universities shouldn't just churn and burn kids at the first sign of trouble. Whether these players ever actually play another down at TCU, what the University is doing here by working with them is a good thing.


Yes..whomever said notre dame was full of integrity...needs to get a clue....they could be in a real mess real soon.

Not good for the irish

Get a clue Mr Reality

So if you turn your back on an athlete when things go bad you are just using them

If you ignore their problems, you are only concerned with winning and not the kids,

But if you make them pay a price for their mistakes and give them a second chanvpce, you are only doing it for your reputation?

Some people are idiots....must be hard to live never having made a mistake and needing someone to have your back to give you a lift up....

the big mac blog is aweful

mac engel hates casey pachell and everything fort worth. mac engel hates casey pachell and everything fort worth.

we love Casey

Me and my girl friends are praying Casey comes back to campus. He is courageous and so nice. He is always says hi to everybody and is really sweet. Everbody likes to have fun. I hope everybody can just forgive him and leave him alone. We love him sooo much. He is such a super star on the football games. TCU needs him soooo bad! We are praying for you Casey!

Reality hitting you in the face

TCU gonna win the B12. CP4 is a gangsta ass QB1.

Good Luck Casey

He has some talent. That is for sure. I hope he cleans up his act and comes back with a vengence. Come-back stories are the best!

McKinney North High School



Yeah, Notre Dame has integrity---otherwise known as the South Bend Institute for Advanced Pedastric Studies.


Whatever it takes to finally win a Big 12 HOME game !!


I was a TCU student (in the early 80's) who was kicked out of school due to drinking issues (wrecked car, horrible grades, etc.). TCU would not allow me to re-enroll till I had met certain requirements. After returning, I received my degree and went on to, what most would consider, a successful career. Thanks for the second chance!

Chris from Alcorn State

I don't see why CP is such a lightening rod of controversy. The guy can play. He has had his share of problems; but who hasn't. Sounds like he is putting his best foot forward to correct the situation. I'm hopeful the kid straightens things out and comes back home to play. He has game. TCU could use him and ultimately who knows. Let the kid play.


Hey reality Notre Dame allowed Michael Floyd to play football after his SECOND DUI his Sr. year. What do you think about that?


I have never seen so many dilusional people writing on one comment board in my life. I love the overarching concensus of NCAA football fans that always think that their programs are sooo squeaky clean. As in young adult football players at all schools right out of high school don't make mistakes or decsions that immature young people make. Did Casey Pachall make poor decsions? Yes, I mean, Im sure he is the first college football player to have too much to drink and drive, right? No, he got caught and now is paying the price. Attention overzelous moronic football fans--- We are not Miami. That was a federal PEN. Lets keep in mind that the drug bust that took place at TCU in the Fall was primarily TCU students and only involved a hand full of football players. Those players were released and are no longer with our program. Most of you folks love taking shots at the small private school, cause frankly you hate to see us succeed. You can't stand the school with a total of 450 student athletes steal your recruits, compete at a high level, and succeed. Welcome back Casey! It will be fun to watch you prove the nation wrong, and silence the uneducated biased critics known as the "Dilusional NCAA college football fans"


If he takes advantage of his second chance then great. If he screws up again then Coach Patterson should go with him.


Here are all the things I don't know and that nobody else does either. Will Paschall be able to maintain sobriety? Will he be our starting qb on Aug 31? Will we ever win a conference game at the Carter? Here's what I hope and believe. That Paschall comes roaring back and makes the most of the second chance and trust he's been given. That Boykin pushes Paschall and fights like hell to keep his spot so we have not one but two great qb options. That we win every home game and that the TCU fans figure out they need to show up and get loud. That Reality spends eternity strapped to his La-z-boy in front of a television showing a continous loop of The Bachelor episodes, which apparently has informed his definition of reality.

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